Now that my hometown (Seattle) has an NHL team of its own, should I stop rooting for these two other teams (explanation included)?

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To me, since I'm an American, I would root for a team in the United States over a team in Canada. 


However, I don't know if I could give up rooting for a team that I have invested interest in for 30+ years.


In summation, I am no help.


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I’ll echo what the general consensus has been: see what happens and how you feel once Seattle begins playing. Any option you choose is okay. 

As for my own experience with something like this, like many others, I typically only root for my hometown teams. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, that obviously means I support LA teams.

But when the Rams moved back to LA, they immediately became my second favorite team despite not liking them before and the fact they’re an old rival of my favorite team (the Cowboys). However, for me personally, my loyalty to the Cowboys is just too strong for me to give up, so they’re still my team despite having a hometown team for the first time in my lifetime. 

The only other situation that’s similar to yours is when LAFC was announced. I had been wanting to get into MLS for a while, and while we already had the Galaxy, I was eager for a fresh start and a new team to support from their beginning (especially after seeing the amazing support teams like Portland, Seattle and ATL United had; I wanted something like that and the Galaxy did not, and still does not, have that level of support). I passively rooted for the Galaxy before LAFC became a team, but as soon as they were announced and I saw their crest/colors I immediately decided to support them and drop any fandom I had for the Galaxy. 

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