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Why do you buy jerseys and hats that are not from your favorite team?

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6 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

I bought Forward Madison's third kit because it was insane looking. I have a 1999 Jacksonville Jaquar jersey, I think I bought it because it was like 50% and I liked the colors. Most of the other stuff I have I have a little bit of like for. 

I just looked those up because I hadn't heard of the team before, and I immediately wanted one. Where did you buy yours? I can't seem to find where they're sold online. 

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30 minutes ago, 1insaneguy said:

I just looked those up because I hadn't heard of the team before, and I immediately wanted one. Where did you buy yours? I can't seem to find where they're sold online. 

You have to go to the team store. Just lookup Forward Madison.

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3 hours ago, Digby said:

My bigger issue is where do I wear these jerseys? Hats are easy, I wear hats all the time. But sports jerseys are immensely impractical, especially replicas.

It's a good question. I think only when its necessary. Sporting events like games, fan meets, bars at gameday. Anything else would be considered obnoxious.

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2 hours ago, _J_ said:

I wear the crap out of my jerseys, especially my soccer ones.


My other sports I wear on gameday, but I'll wear a soccer one on gameday and literally anywhere since it's practically a teeshirt.


This is what I love about soccer jerseys. I'm never going to wear a basketball jersey or football jersey. Hockey jerseys are a maybe. Soccer jerseys however, especially without a name and number, are so close to normal clothing that it doesn't feel too weird to wear in the real world.

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Throughout grade school I would wear hats and jerseys of other teams.  As I got to college, I stopped wearing jerseys, but would still occasionally wear the hat of non-Nats teams.  On one particular occasion, I had a Cardinals hat on (cardinal on the bat alternate) and one of my teachers saw me in the hall and said something along the lines of alright lets go Redbirds! I didn't really react because I didn't initially realize why he would be saying that to me.  After seeing my confused face he scoffed along with the person he was walking with, giving a look like, what's wrong with that kid.  An instant later I realized I had the Cardinals hat on and then it seemed so obvious to me, he thought I was a Cardinals fan, and why wouldn't he, because the hat I was wearing.  From then on, it always seemed a little odd to wear the hat of a non-Nats team because I didn't want people thinking I was a fan of that team.  I wanted anything but to be scoffed at again as I roamed the halls in my massive cargo shorts.  Never again, I swore... never again...


(I threw the hat away when STL broke Washington hearts in 2012) 

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When I lived in Nashville about 6 years ago I bought a Preds jersey to support the local team. I got cheap tickets once to see the Preds vs Canucks and I wanted to support BGSU alum Kevin Bieksa for that game, so I bought an old cheap Canucks jersey to wear. A few years later I wanted to support Eric Staal when he was in town, bought an old Koho Wild jersey for that. From there I began to "collect" jerseys with designs or players I just liked. I've got probably 6-8 different NHL teams. I don't wear them too often.


But...I live in Pittsburgh now and my office is a few blocks from PPG Paints Arena. I can get free/cheap tickets on occasion to Pens games, so maybe I can dust some of these jerseys off if that team is in town. It isn't like I'll ever cheer for the Penguins! :lol:

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Usually because I like the look of the jersey or logo.

Also because my passion for my favourite teams isn't what it was.

Wear a fair bit of defunct teams and secondary liking teams.


There are a handful or so of teams I won't wear with the Yankees taking the top spot.

Will buy Leafs and Canadiens stuff for other people but don't wear them either.


Also, living in a smaller city in the middle of butt:censored: nowhere there really isn't anything close to 'hometown' major league team.

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I like to stock up on local teams stuff whenever I travel somewhere. I was in NYC when the Rangers were in the Stanley Cup finals so I got a shirt and some Mets hats. Cardinals stuff from Louisville, Gamecocks hat from Myrtle Beach, Vols stuff from Tennessee, etc.


Yeah all of that can probably be bought online. But I'd rather buy something sports-related than the typical "I ❤️ NY" or touristy shirts. 


Having said that, I'm seriously considering buying some Kraken stuff. Just because the logo is awesome. 

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I don't really buy jerseys any more since there's no occasion to wear one (games for my teams, but I have that covered).


I will buy a hat or a t-shirt on a trip.  I like buying college t-shirts when I go on campus.  I have New Mexico, Utah, and College of Charleston right now.  I tend to wear them as workout shirts until they disintegrate.


For the pros I sometimes will buy one if I like it.  I bought brown Padres hat with an orange SD in San Diego once simply because I love that look.


For some reason wearing hats of "other" teams seems more "OK" to me than wearing a jersey.  But even so, most of my "other" hats are MLB hats purchased in the 1990s.

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I’m a Crime in Sports fan, so I want to get obscure jerseys of some of the athletes they’ve covered. My wish list looks like this:


- Knicks Anthony Mason
- Nets Micheal "Sugar" Ray Robinson


- Expos Ron LeFlore

- Angels Byron McLaughlin

- Rays Dwight Gooden


- Cowboys Hollywood Henderson

- Raiders Sebastian Janikowski


- Penguins Kevin Stevens

- Sharks Lyndon Byers


Only Byers played for one of my teams.

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On 8/6/2020 at 5:55 AM, DG_ThenNowForever said:

Today I'm wearing this because I got it for cheap and it looks sweet:



Buying soccer jerseys on discount -- especially when they're relatively ad-limited -- always feels like a good buy.


I have the same one, I try to buy my favourite shirt from every world cup.


I generally stick with my teams, but not always. Basketball is almost an individual sport wrapped in a team sport and I have several jerseys of players I like. I have plenty of caps with different teams as well. I like sports design so sometimes I see a cool jersey or cap I want and i'm not that fussed if it's a different team. I'm in Australia and apart from the NBA, the knowledge of US sports isn't deep enough for most people I speak to to care.

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If we're excluding minor league teams, then the only jerseys I have of teams I don't support would be...


- Mighty Ducks (1993-2006) Dark Jersey

I have this because it's my favorite hockey jersey of all time. I've only worn it out twice, but hope to wear it more once it gets cooler outside again


- White England 2014 World Cup Jersey

- White Generic Germany Miroslav Klose Jersey

- Navy Scotland 2014 Jersey

I am only a supporter of Team USA and Team Ireland, but I have English, German, Scottish, and French heritage as well, so I'm on a quest to buy a futbol jersey from each national team. The only one left for me to get is France, though I may get rid of the Germany one as it isn't very comfortable. 


- Grey Wizards Michael Jordan Shirsey

C'mon, I saw it at a thrift store years ago and clearly couldn't pass it up.


When I was a kid I had a Derek Jeter shirsey, a generic Josh Hamilton Rangers jersey, and a red Larry Fitzgerald jersey, as all were some of my favorite players growing up. 

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Diehard Eagles fan here. I won’t wear anything else NFL but for other sports I’m pretty much anything goes as I don’t really have a “team” other than the Eagles. Not much of a hat guy but for jerseys I’ll break it down:

NHL - I’m a sucker for 90s hockey jerseys. I won’t wear them much other than to the odd WHL game I go to. 

MLB - having been to 10/30 ballparks and on the quest to see more, I find it’s more enjoyable to root (root root) for the home team. I will usually get a jersey or t-shirt to wear to a game I’m going to. I find it adds to the experience and makes for a better photo op for the wall in my man cave of all the venues I’ve seen games at. I also really like wearing Nike Dri-fit shirts in the summertime so I’ve got a handful of other MLB shirts. At the very least, they’re on deck if I end up attending one of their games in the future. 

NBA - I can’t remember the last time I bought a basketball jersey. Pretty sure Reebok was still making swingmans when I did. I played basketball in high school and my wardrobe showed it. I have a lot of jerseys of players I liked or jerseys (mostly throwbacks) that I liked. I can’t recall the last time I wore one though but I still enjoy having them in my collection. 

My days of wearing jerseys on a casual basis when I’m not attending a game pretty much came to an end after I graduated from university. The only jerseys I’ve bought at full price since then are a few Eagles jerseys here and there. Other than that, you can catch me bargain hunting in the Thrift Store Gems thread. Can’t pass up a good deal on a jersey that’s in good condition!


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I buy certain hats to have a variety of colors to go with what Else I’m wearing. I have to atleast like the team though, like I have a mighty ducks hat, Miami heat, and jaguars hat, while none of the teams are my favorite but they are in my top 5 and are a bunch of different colors. I wouldn’t by a jersey from a team that wasn’t my favorite, it’s much to rich for my taste.

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