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Even since Washington wanted to do a rebrand, one name that keeps popping up as a fan favorite is the Red Wolves/RedWolves/Redwolves. I still think it can be a good name, but it also has one thing that all the other possibles names don't have: a back-up plan.

See the name Redwolves has two things going against it:
1.Arkansas State owns the Red Wolves name. Which means Washington needs to reach a shared agreement with them in order to use it without litigation.
2. Even though the animal the name comes from, the red wolf, exists, too many people think that the Red part is forced trying to cram a part of the Washington history not needed. 

So in case we can't overcome either one of those, we can just make it the Washington Wolves.
With WSH "starting over" and looking for a "new cultural identity", the name fits with their mission.  I have been working on the logo for over a month now trying to get it right.
 And with the help of people on twitter as well as designers like UniMockups and Brandon Moore, I was able to achieve this snarling wolf!

This logo has gone through a lot of versions!


The main colors would be Burgundy and Gold, but the secondary colors really make the difference. The darker color is what I call Wolf Brown. A loose connection to the (Washington Football Team) past since that and the old gold are from the old days of Washington. But the biggest addition is the color blood orange (I call it the Nike color) which can be used the same way Seattle uses their bright green color.

When you add claw marks to the logo as well as make a blackout (night) version, it really gives it a punch!


And I also made a few secondary and alternate logo variations. The alternate logo is a simple one. The DC flag inside the pentagon, representing the military building. But the W is my biggest success. I was able to fit the Washington Monument in the W without using the whole monument like every other Ws have been. 

As for the helmet, I think the burgundy W on a white  helmet with claw mark stripes is a great way to fit as a simple helmet design like the old teams of GB, CHI, and NY.

And with the uniforms I wanted to add claw marks on the side, diagonally so it doesn't look like stretch marks (LOL) Here they are in Home, Away, Color Burst, and Blackout (Night)

Like a good designer, this might not be the final form. But I am glad at what I achieved!
Go Wolves of Washington!

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I definitely prefer Wolves to "RedWolves" as that sounds like a college or arena team.


I love the set and prefer the burgundy helmet with the wolf logo on both sides.  I think numbers on one side of the helmet are kinda over, especially since you want that logo on TV as much as possible.  I don't think the claw tearing marks on the sides are fit for an NFL team, but I appreciate the design elements.


Great stuff. One of my favorite concepts so far.

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REVISED the W, helmet and home uniform!
I decided to bring back the usual burgundy helmet and gave the W white with wolf brown outline and black shading.

Why? Because the old Washington helmet logo didn't actually have burgundy inside as well as black. So the Logo actually connects to the past more than you think.

As for the (home) uniform itself. I I took away the claw marks on the side because uniforms are more simplistic than previously thought. I gave the DC flag embedded in the brown shoulders and placed the wolf logo on the pants with two claw marks for stripes.











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Congrats! Question about the blood orange color rush set — is that a conscious but unstated homage to the red, black and yellow color scheme used by the Maryland Terps, who are 12 miles from FedEx field? And have you considered a color rush that was either just red and white, like the DC flag (assuming, as in real life, that they could have 2 helmets, including a white one, in 2021 under the new CBA), or a red, white and blue scheme for color rush (maybe keeping gold as an accent as the Nats have done on their WCS champs jerseys in MLB this year) ? Keep up the good work.

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