Favorite Ohio State Alternate Uniform?

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Though I'm certainly not a fan of the team, Ohio State has had a bevy of alternate uniforms over the years. I thought it would interesting to see which alternates are popular here, as there are so many, and they range from super-gaudy-nike-disaster to throwback to decent alternate.


Personally, I happen to like the all-black alternate, though I wish it was limited to just the jersey. Black is most definitely a key part of the color scheme so it doesn't feel too out there.



The 1916 and 60s throwbacks are great too.



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The all black is a cool look. When they first introduced it I was resistant because BFBS and it's a traditional program. But as a total look in a vacuum (for a night game every couple years), a great addition to the uniform options. Plus, it's fun to have blackouts, which can act as a counterpart to Penn State's whiteout in our growing rivalry. (The all gray doesn't do it for me.)


I actually disagree that the black should be limited to the jersey, though. It's a gimmick look, so I think you need to lean in with the all-black, and I really think it works. Pairing an alternate black jersey with our traditional helmet and/or pants would only sully the primary elements. It's why I found the 2016 UM game so egregious. You have that glorious gray stripe throwback, perfect for The Game, and you put a bowling ball on your head? (Somehow not a bad memory...)



Maybe in an exhibition game but wear the real helmet for Michigan please. 


The white playoff alternate is practically perfect and should be their primary road.



I'd prefer a scarlet counterpart with white TV numbers as the primary home, but I wouldn't mind keeping the black TV numbers around. They are also very cool. (Also, OMG that Hawaii throwback!)



Also have enjoyed these guys with the thick stripes and chrome stuff, especially in all white for some reason:


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