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NFL 2020


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13 hours ago, ManillaToad said:

Absolutely gorgeous logo and uniforms. Is there a name for the style the logo is in? It was quite common in the 70s

I usually relate it to the disco era and people get what I'm talking about.  

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43 minutes ago, FiddySicks said:

Browns look beautiful. Reminds me of the good ol days when they really sucked, rather than the bad ol days when they really sucked. 

I actually kind of like those Falcons uniforms better than I thought I would, but the aluminum facemask sucks even worse than I expected it to. It looks SO stupid! Change that back to a black mask and it goes from having this weird Terminator vibe to just being all dark, which works for the minimalist style they’re trying for. 

The mono faux color rush sort of works for New England because it represents a bit of a cleaner break from the Brady era, but it still doesn’t look good. And it sort of looks like a few guys are just wearing old color rush jerseys with the old font, and it’s all just a huge mess today. 

I HATE the Chargers yellow pants, but if they insist on wearing them, they might as well pair them with the white jersey.


I haven't seen anyone in New England with last year's jersey. Did you notice anyone specifically? 

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7 minutes ago, hugevolsfan said:

Washington white numbers & pants stand out a lot now It looks like the helmet does not belong with them. I think they should have left the stripes on the helmet. If they did that it would be a nice minimalistic look.


Yeah the helmet looks completely out of place.  It's as if their luggage got lost and they had to borrow from central michigan for the game.

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5 minutes ago, jn8 said:

Tampa and New Orleans has the potential to be one of the best uni matchups annually. Why do the both have to be in combinations that hurt this? (NOLA is more at fault than Tampa)

I feel like if the Saints had worn gold pants then we'd see the Bucs in pewter pants. They probably just didn't want to have too many dark colors. 

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Some takeaways so far:

-Washington's helmets do look out of place. Should have white w/ yellow outline numbers and/or a helmet stripe. It looks very makeshift, which is what it is in reality.

-Chargers look good, but I really do not like that yellow facemask. It makes the whole set a little too yellow heavy, especially with white jerseys/yellow pants.

-Can we petition the Saints to bring back gold pants? They desperately need them back.

-Tampa looks solid, but I would like them to pull out white over pewter some time this year.

-Patriots need silver pants.

-Falcons are meh. Love them in red much more, but not the new red sets.

-Curious the Ravens went with white at home, but their purple pants are gorgeous!

-Browns need the brown/orange flipped on their white pants.

-Too many monochrome looks. I normally am not against them, but they are becoming far too common.



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The Chargers trimming the bolt in Powder Blue appears to be problematic.  It doesn't show up well on either the white helmet or white jersey.


Maybe a matte/non-reflective helmet decal would help, but I this is why some of us were advocating for Navy trim on the bolt, like the helmet on Anthony Lynn's desk.




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TV Cameras in Cincy seem to blowing out all things white, which is what's making the Chargers jerseys look like that, has nothing to do with the uniform design.  


Look at the shots of the sideline and end lines, blown out whites. 


Also, though its not common that team captains switch teams often, Brady has the gold C patch signifying 5+ years as captain. I thought the patch was for that specific team. 

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