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SSmith48's NFL Redesign: (20/32 - Jacksonville Jaguars)


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On to the next team!


Team 4: Tennessee Titans


The current Titans uniforms (and to an extent, brand) is a mess. It tries too hard to look cool, and I think that the logo set and brand is somewhat dates. As a result I decided to overhaul the whole Titans look. First is a new color scheme: light blue and red have been dropped, gold has been added, and the shades of silver and navy have been tweaked. A new logo has also been introduced. In simple terms, its essentially the current logo minus the flaming trail, resulting in a look that is meant to resemble a Hoplite's shield. A new wordmark and font has also been introduced. For the uniforms, I wanted to try and use the "sword" yoke, but strip it down a bit. A new silver helmet continues to build upon the "hoplite" look, and the team can choose from navy/silver/white jerseys and pants.



Up Next: the Black and Gold of Steel City


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And we are back! 


Team 5: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a uniform long tied to tradition and success. Of course, I didn't want to make massive overhaul changes, but I did want to update the look. I slightly changed the logo with a new font and rearranged coloring on the outer ring. The uniforms then feature that logo as an updated patch and a brand new block font for the numbers (something that plenty of fans have wanted back). Lastly, I decided to replace the all-black color rush with a new "steel gray" look that adds a modern touch. This set as a whole was designed to a be a modern take on one of the more recognizable sets in the NFL.



Up Next: Fire the cannons

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Happy NFL kickoff everyone! As such, here's another installment:


Team 6: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I thought the "Alarm Clock" set, for all its missteps and mistakes, was a step in an interesting direction. For this set, I wanted to do something completely different than most concepts. I decided to completely drop the orange (a color associated with the Buc's years of underperformance and mediocrity), and focus on more silver, pewter, and black. The helmet reverts to something more akin to the team's previous look. The uniform design is meant to mimic the curves of a pirate's cutlass, and I went for a more elegant take on a block font. The pewter color rush is retained as an alternate (it's a fairly good looking color combo too). It's a bit more of a different take as compared to others, but I think its something that sill holds merit.



Up Next: It's time to Bolt Up!

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So much Bucs on the boards today! This is a pretty similar theme to many concepts I have seen before, but you nailed it. Really nice number font that isn't boring block but is nice and bold and clean. The pant stripe looks really good .... I have seen a lot of concepts stick the sword logos directly on the pants and have looked gaudy. 

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Team 7: Los Angeles Chargers

It's hard to change an almost perfect set, like the ones the Chargers introduced this season. Ideally I wouldn't change anything, but for the sake of this project, I decided to make some slight modifications. I decided to place less emphasis on the yellow, and more on the powder blue, as is evidenced by the powder blue facemask and pants (which replace the yellow options for both). The wordmark was also placed on the chest to help fill the uniform out a bit more. The yellow has been changed from an athletic gold, to a bit more of a "volt" shade, which ties into the "bolt" aesthetic and modern feel (another reason why I dropped the yellow facemask and pants). I decided to keep the royal blue color rush alternate because of its popularity and nice mix of retro influence and modern design.



Up Next: Fins Up!

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4 hours ago, Brave-Bird 08 said:

Way too similar to what they wear now. 

I didn't want to deviate too much from what I think is an ideal look for them. Maybe add some new twists here and there just to see what it could look like, but nothing more than that was needed.


20 hours ago, HoopsCoach55 said:

Not sure about the Volt-esque color for the Chargers, but I see what you are going for and it's not terrible. Designwise I love how they look, but maybe go to a white facemask instead of blue, it seems a bit too much.

Those are both valid concerns, however I think a white facemask may be too plain for them. However I did decided to make some possible tweaks with a white facemask and am adjusted shade of yellow that's less volt-esque. I'm not a big fan of the white facemask, but maybe a yellow color rush could be possible with this new shade:



And here is the next team:


Team 8: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have a fairly iconic brand, all down to the colors. Their current set is also one of the best in the NFL IMO, but it could use some new elements. The most notable change I introduced with this set is a small stripe on the sleeve partially taken from a Miami Heat Vice City set that I though fit the vibe of Miami and the Dolphins well, without taking too much away from the rest of the Dolphins brand. I also decided to bring back the orange alternate, which is much more acceptable with the updated shade of orange as compared to their previous orange color rush.



Up Next: Beware the 12th Man!


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Ok here's another update to the Chargers. I decided to work with the new yellow shade but I stuck with the blue facemask. I also worked with a new yellow color rush since this shade is better suited for it, although I'm not sure if it really works.


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Alright I'm still working on more options for the chargers, but in the meantime, here's the next team!


Team 9: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks uniform as a whole is not the most ideal look, but it has elements that, if used correctly, can create a unique and identifiable look. I kept the navy/gray/action green color scheme, but limited the green and expanded upon the wolf gray. The new focus is a redesigned northwest pattern featured across the team's current set, this time as a simple striping on the helmet, jersey, and pants. Most of the other elements stay the same, including the number font and helmet finish.



Up Next: Who let the dawgs out?

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I'll continue to work on ideas for Seattle, including tweaking the helmet/striping and maybe even experimenting with some new colors. I am also looking at completely overhauling the Chargers design, and probably reverting back to the current shade of gold.


On to the next team!


Team 10: Cleveland Browns



The Browns have a much improved set as compared to years past, but this set blends elements of both, taking the striping of the previous set, and the modern/classic feel of the current set. A new wordmark and font combined with a reworked striping creates a strong blend between modern design and classic elements. To finish off, I also designed a new logo, blending a C with the team's helmet striping.



Up Next: Time for a revolution!

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I've been busy over the last week, but have some new updates for y'all:


Los Angeles Chargers

I decided to almost completely rework the team, reverting to the current color scheme, and creating a new, modern design incorporating bolts on the upper part of the jersey, a new number font, and a colorful reworked navy color rush/alternate.



Seattle Seahawks

Two small, more experimental changes for the Seahawks. The wraparound Seahawk was a popular piece that many of you wanted back, so I included on one rework. The other comes from a recent discussion back on the news boards about the old Pacific blue. It really helps the action green to pop, but it isn't quite as solid. I'm not a great fan of either of these changes, but what do you guys think?




The next team should be up within the next few days!

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On to the next team!


Team 11: New England Patriots

The Patriots received an updated look this offseason, but much more can be done to improve it. The helmet now features a stripe and a navy facemask, helping the helmet to tie in more with the set. The jerseys feature reworked shoulder stripes, and a new number font, reminiscent of the team's wordmark. Silver pants return, along with a tweaked navy set, and the set is topped off with an eye-catching red color rush/alternate, that is sure to please those hoping for the return of the color.



Up Next: Stand on guard



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