Metroid Prime Hockey League: Phendrana Drifters Update 02.08.2021

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Tallon Desert Observers 2.0

@jwinters was nice enough to provide some really helpful constructive feedback on my original concept for this team.  He suggested a palette simplification, making the laser emitting from the eye look more like one and simplifying the cracked-earth pattern on the alternate.  C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking!


Tallon Desert Observers 1.0


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It's a great concept and make me want to get back into Metroid... Been a while.


I don't have any critiques, I just wanted to know if you thought of doing his with F-Zero pilots. There's over 30 if em, so that would be plenty of material.


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Sanctuary Fortress Guardians 2.0
I thought three distinct striping patterns on the main jerseys was a bit much so I simplified it down to two.  I think the new hem stripe configuration lets the colours stand out more.  Made a couple slight alterations to the alternate as well.  C & C welcome and appreciated, thanks for looking :).


Sanctuary Fortress Guardians 1.0


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Second last concept of the series (for the time being).

Agon Worms 2.0
The alternate, after a few tweaks, becomes the basis for the teams main jerseys.  The shoulder sublimation depicts the pattern of a sandstone brick used liberally throughout the level.  The new alternate turns the original concept into a fauxback.  The dye sublimated blue-root pattern sticks around, the phalic looking logo does not.  Thanks for looking!


Agon Worms 1.0

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This will be the last update of the series.  Thanks to everyone who looked, liked and commented.  I saved my favorite concept for last.

Phendrana Drifers 2.0
The original home and roads were going to contain snow patterns but they ended up being too obtrusive.  For this update I revisited that idea but in the form of a subtle sublimation.  You find the 'Thermal Visor' in the Phendrana Drifts (see photo below) so I figured it'd be appropriate for the team to don a "thermal jersey."  Any alternate I attempted with the main colour scheme just looked like a poor mans version of the home so I decided to go the soccer route and give the alternate it's own scheme, based on colours samus see's through said visor. 


Phendrana Drifters 1.0

Thermal Visor:


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