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New Intel Brand logo

pHiL Kizer

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1 hour ago, DTConcepts said:

Another brand killed by lowercase, friendly fonts in the name of "simplification."

Well, Intel's brand history has all been in lowercase sans serif, but still a valid point about the current brand landscape.


I feel like a better option would've been keeping this font but lowering to "e" to evoke the original logo.  Quick and dirty mockup:



I do have to say I like the diagonal squares applications.  Overall, I'd say a lateral move though.

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I don't hate this case of "sans-serif lowercase". Considering it's basically the same as the old logo, minus the circle, it's a lateral move for me.


Watching the video though, a lot of their other icons look fantastic and it seems like they put together a pretty good, cohesive package. Overall, an upgrade.

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