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NCAA 14 uniform mods


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alright guys, so as some of you may know there is a new community that has figured out the process to mod new uniforms into NCAA football 14. this is a fantastic new tool, so theres a process that you can even mod your own designs into the game. I have began design concepts for each team, mostly my own design. so im here to share the template with you guys. my idea is you guys use this template, post your designs here in this thread and I will use my favorite designs and import them into my game. think this could be really fun for designers and uniform junkies.heres a couple that ive done obviously I need a lot more practice but this is my first couple that I have imported successfully



  ive attached the link to the template below. cant wait to see some of your designs.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710755373803372595/713846468275994684/NCAA14_Jeresey_Templates.rar

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55 minutes ago, walkerws said:

What would probably help is showing how those pieces translate to the game. 

It's a similar layout to what's used in Frosty for Madden games. If you have access to a 3D viewer, most newer Windows desktops should have one, it can give you a view of the uniform as well.


American Football Player 3D Model - Realtime - 3D Models World

(Not the actual model., but it is similar)

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Are the numbers customizable as well? That was always the biggest drawback for me with the TeamBuilder that EA had, was you only had 2 or 3 number fonts to choose from. I am very interested in hearing more about this.

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