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SAUNDERS is back


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Guys he mispelled it he meant Sanders.....

Colonel Sanders is back and he's adding an extra herb or spice to his Chicken!!!!

Seriously though, Deion is going to be a shell of the player he used to be. He will have a great first two weeks (purely on adrenalin) but after that he will probably be no better than ordinary as the nickel back and probably a liability if the Ravens suffer an injury to either of their starters.

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thought it was funny the guys on ESPN NFL2night were commenting how

he's been training but it doesn't get you prepared to take or deliver a hit.

And I'm thinking...wait a minute this is Deion were talking about,

he's never given or taken a hit anyways so what's the big deal. Deion

always avoided contact no matter what position. He's the biggest

wuss to ever put on pads.

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