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Dallas Cowboys Uniform Options

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I vote for option B, with the provision that the Cowboys use the same exact shade of blue and silver in the helmet and throughout the uniform design (whether that's royal blue or navy blue is a discussion for another day). The white jersey and team color jersey should mirror each other (they currently don't with the Dallas Cowboys). What I'm saying is that the color of the star on the helmet (as well as the helmet shell color) should match the same colors used on the jersey, pants and socks. It irritates me to no end that the Dallas Cowboys currently wear a metallic silver helmet with navy blue & white stripes, but also wear a white jersey with royal blue numerals, lettering & two horizontal sleeve stripes (trimmed in black), and pair THAT jersey with SILVER-GREEN pants with royal blue & white stripes on the side panel & royal blue socks. THAT uniform is an EYESORE & the single worst uniform in professional team sports. 

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