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Best Quarterback Numbers


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On 1/21/2021 at 7:29 AM, leopard88 said:


I wear the "old man" tag as a badge of honor.


In fact, I remember when a defensive lineman wearing a number in the 90s was rare.  Back in my day, they wore numbers in the 60s and 70s (and occasionally the 80s -- see below)*.

I remember watching the old Packers NFL films footage, seeing Willie Davis(87) and Lionel Aldridge (82), and thinking it was so odd seeing these big beefy linesmen in receivers jerseys.  I don't think they even issued a number in the 90s until Ezra Johnson (90) in 1977.

I also remember watching the Broncos as a kid and thinking it was odd that they had two linebackers (Karl Mecklenberg and Simon Fletcher) with numbers in the 70s.

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