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New Football League Puts Viewers In Control

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On 10/12/2020 at 5:01 PM, GDAWG said:

The 6 month plan:

  • Launch a new website and announce our plans to the world
  • Have the fans in the Twitch community pick who will be the leader of their team
  • Fans to create the names, logos and jerseys for their team
  • Fans to decide a slew of key league rules including what is a catch, how do we handle replay, what is the OT format, etc
  • Roll out sweet app and Twitch extension that will let fans make real-time decisions for their favorite team
  • Create some dope gear for each of our teams that our fans can proudly rock because they helped to create it
  • Sell a bunch of sponsorships to cool brands who dig what we’re doing
  • Partner with a TV network and other digital media companies to help ensure that sports fans far and wide know all about the FCF
  • Design an amazing set that will provide a killer viewing experience for our fans
  • Work with our fans to recruit players and help us bring in an elite group of football players to camp to tryout for our teams
  • Move everybody into a bubble where we can eat, sleep, practice and play our games to minimize the risk of COVID ruining the party
  • Run through training camp and have the fans pick their squads
  • Put out tons of content so our fans can really get to know the players, coaches, owners and the teams the fans themselves are running
  • Start the 4-game regular season and let the fans call the plays
  • Optimize the experience – if fans help us identify a rule that sucks or a new way to run the game that makes it more exciting, then we’ll implement that for the very next week
  • Have a playoff and crown a champion



I remember Anarchy Mode on Pokemon Twitch. 


The ensuing scheisseshow if it gets to that point will be the most fun thing about this league.

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Except for Kinda Funny and Quavo, we know all about the other owners of this league, so why would the fans of the league need to know who Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch are if they are already fans of football?  The only thing we need to know is why they are involved in this league and the fact that Richard Sherman is a gamer.  

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One of the guys involved with the league on their Twitch page is Josh Macuga.  If you're familiar with Collider and the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, you will know who he is.  If not, he was one of the Collider personalities and is known to be very loud and boisterous.  He was let go when Collider ended their Movie Talk show.    

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12 hours ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

Team names are now up for voting. Some are good, most are not.

I couldn’t tell because their website is such a cluster :censored: to try to navigate. If they run their league as well as they do their website I don’t see the league even getting past concept phase.

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Johnny Manziel In 'Serious Talks' To Make Football Comeback in New Pro League (tmz.com)



Johnny Manziel may not be done with pro football after all -- he's in "serious talks" to join a new league, TMZ Sports has learned.

We're told the 28-year-old is close to inking a deal with the new "Fan Controlled Football" league, which is set to debut in Feb. 2021.

FYI, the FCF is an arena football-style league consisting of 4 teams where almost everything -- including the play calls -- is picked by the fans.

So far, HUGE names like Quavo, Mike Tyson and Marshawn Lynch have all signed on to be team owners and the league has a deal for the games to stream live on Twitch.


A league spokesperson tells us Manziel is currently in talks with comedian Bob Menery -- who co-owns the Zappers team with Mets pitcher Trevor May.


Obviously, it'd be a huge get for the league ... Manziel was one of the most electric college football players EVER -- and was a former Browns first-round pick in 2014. He also brought viewers to the TV in record numbers during his stint in the Canadian Football League.

But, Manziel hasn't played ball since 2019 -- and just a few months ago, he told TMZ Sports he was officially retired from football and moving on with his life.


Manziel apparently had a change of heart -- hey, he's allowed -- and this week, even posted about the opportunity on social media.

"Currently the starting QB of [Bob Menery's Zappers]. Time to tear old town down in my owners honor."

Getcha popcorn ready!




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8 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

Not if the fans vote otherwise.


So apparently, each team gets one "franchise tag" which means that the player is exempt from going elsewhere.  The Zappers used it for Manziel.  


Johnny Manziel Signs with Fan Controlled Football — Joins Zappers (xflnewsroom.com)


Zappers of course being owned by Mets Pitcher Trevor May and some guy named Bob Menery (I still have no idea who that is).


Got a glimpse of Greg Miller from Kinda Funny (owner of Wild Aces) as he was doing a gaming stream with a bunch of WWE Superstars.  He has a bit of charisma to him and he wasn't overly boisterous.  He was entertaining in the little I saw of him.  

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