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What if.... MLB as Soccer Kits

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I really enjoy the general design of Soccer (Football) kits.  Personally, I like how the primary kit remains consistent but there is freedom in the change/3rd kits.  This is an exploration of what MLB teams my look like as soccer clubs.






Atlanta Braves SC.png


Chicago Cubs FC.png







































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You have a serious problem with sizes and. You're using templates as old as of 2000, completely nonsensical . You have giant NOBs. Mostly you're recoloring templates, without considering things like clashing or detailing. Logo placement is hideous. Some are reasonably good if you tackle the problems above.


Since it's a lot to address, I've chosen the best four and the worst four.

Best Four

Astros, Home and Away: Apart from that obnoxious third kit and the disform arms of the keeper one, it's a plainly good concept. Would work in a football scenario.

Twins, Home: Another solid, classy kit. I'd not repeat the concept for the third, Maybe I'd use third as home kit.

Cardinals, Away: Loved the Powder Blue and how everything worked well around.

Royals: Would be better if you haven't positioned Nike logos in that hideous way. Loved the font.


Worst Four

Tampa Bay Rays: The entire set screams awful. Sorry. The third would be the salvation of the collection, if not paired like a clown's outfit.

Giants, Third: That pattern hurt my eyes.

Phillies: What would be a decent uniform was ruined by Giant NOBs and misplacement.

Dodgers: NO. Simply no. You put the manufacturer logo in the butt of the player. When the shirt is tucked it will disappear. The logo placement looks like 1994. Third and Keeper: Kill it with fire.

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I appreciate the feedback.  I agree the sizes are a bit out of whack. I was torn between representing the idea and losing resolution.  That aside, TB 3rd is based on the flag of St. Petersburg giving it the unique color combination.  The Giants 3rd is supposed to be a play on the Tie Die popular in the Haight Ashbury district SF is famous for.  The Royals actually have Asics logos on the sleeves, not Nike. I can see how that isn't clear.  The Dodger's Keeper is based on the flag of Los Angeles.


Again, I appreciate the feedback.

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Some hits, some misses. Ones that stand out to me as being pretty good are the Cubs home and away, Brewers home and away, mets, orioles are decent, Astros home and away, Yankees, and the blue jays aren't terrible either. My favorites are probably the Yanks and Brewers, out of the ones I listed. Dodgers, Nationals and Indians are probably the worst of the bunch. I won't be as cruel as the guy above me 🤣, but the template does feel super dated, reminds me of 2000s MLS, like the old Real Salt Lake jerseys in like 2008 maybe it was. Overall some are classy, some not so much, but a very fun and interesting series I enjoyed looking at




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Also, the Starbucks one specifically... you cannot willy nilly recolor logos.(


Over all, decent ideas but very low to no contrast on most of them.  I like where you are going, they just need several more rounds of revisions.  It looks like you cared about the first couple and then sped through the rest so you could call the project done.


Edit: H&R Block also


Edit 2:  Is that really Oracles logo?

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