Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 100 - The Army Black Knights))

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6 minutes ago, Balu the Bare said:

So I should have researched a bit. It's not gender specific, so here you go.

mens BB

women's bb


I looked upon this pattern further, it's the Myaamia Heritage logo that symbolises the Miami tribe with the university, I think I may be able to do something.

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I have a new team to post today but before we go ahead....

Got to finally sort out the Redhawks so...




Hopefully that should be that... which now moves us to the main event today, this was the 2nd longest independent team in college football and this lasted until 2014 where they accepted an offer from the American to play football there....

Now they have better opponents in spite of destroying tradition... these brave men are known as the...




These are used against their conference rivals and non-associated games where they are used... but their alt is special because they use it for two special games.... they use this against their long term rivals... The Air Force and their sworn enemies, the Army.



This beautiful Alt is used regardless if it's home or road against the Falcons and the Black Knights

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And finally we have reached 100 teams... time to unleash the Black Knight!


The Knights of West Point aka...



These two are the set that the Army uses against their regular opponents... however when they play the Air Force and their most fierce rival the Navy.... they have two special sets.


The one on the left is used against the Air Force whilst the one on the right is used against the Navy.... since Navy is usually the last game on the college calender, I don't normally have the passion or the time to create a Army/Navy series but pairing the Army's Black against the Navy's White seems to be a good start.

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