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NBA Concepts | New York Knicks (8/14/21)


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My birthday is coming up next week so I decided to take a look again at my favorite team: the Miami Heat. I took a long look at the uni history of the Miami Heat and I have decided to revamp my set. Red and black are filled with too much history to be discontinued as the primary colors. Vice remains in the identity as it is incorporated into the community edition. First, a new secondary logo has been introduced based off of the Floridian “M” logo. There is also a “H” version of this and the colors can be swapped around on these depending on the color of the uni. The Association Edition features minor changes, with a modified word mark on the jersey. The Icon edition features black more prominently over white, as opposed to the current Heat red uni. The statement edition was inspired by the 2020/2021 earned edition. The community edition attempts to capture the vibrance of Miami. The design under the number emulates waves in the ocean. The legacy edition was inspired by the 2015/2016 legacy edition Heat uni.  C+C always appreciated. 








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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Miami Heat (6/2/21)

I really like how clean the Heat ones look especially your showtime one + take on the vice jersey with the palm trees on the side and gradients. That being said, I do wonder how they'd look without the squiggles under the number.

It might also just be me but the legacy's a bit too similar to the association (unless that's what you were going for) so maybe something like the Miami Floridians jerseys done some time back would be more unique.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Oklahoma City Thunder legacy edition features pattern derived from previous city editions. It also features a color in the Thunder color scheme that has not been used a primary uni color. The normal blue has been darkened to a more navy blue. A thunderbolt "T" is featured on the waistband.  If you would like to view the original posting of the OKC Thunder set with a closer look at each uni, click here.




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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | OKC-Legacy Edition (6/22/21)

The Sacramento Kings have a recognizable logo, but they are in a unique situation where they compete against the juggernauts of NBA history like the Warriors and Lakers for best basketball team in California and the Clippers are currently on surge with their superstar pairing. So even though Sacramento is stationed in the state's capital, they are often third or even fourth though behind the other NBA California teams. Because of this, I would say the Kings need strong branding and recognizable jerseys more than maybe any other team in the league. The primary uni's incorporate the "S" pattern from the King's current statement jersey into the side panels. The edges of the side panels do not feature a straight line, but instead feature pointed edges. The statement uni is is a modern reincarnation of the King's infamous half black half purple uni.  The community edition honors Sacramento's place as the capital of California while the Legacy edition reinvents the past of the Sacramento Kings for modern day. The side panels on the legacy edition feature the "S" design that resembles a lion's scratch. 






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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Sacramento Kings (6/28/21)

The Minnesota Timberwolves currently feature a clunky design with colors that aren't very appealable to the eyes. Their neon highlighter green just does not work. The primary uni's feature the Northern Lights pattern going down the side panels. A light forest green and wolf grey are the primary colors. The statement uni brings back the Wolves "W" design while the showtime uni modernizes the classic black with green tree uni. The community edition is inspired by the license tags in Minnesota while also honoring Minnesota's title as the Land of 10,000 lakes. The legacy edition highlights Minnesota's Twin Cities. It features a sky blue color.








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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Minnesota Timberwolves (7/3/21)

I do like what you did with Minnesota. My only nitpick would be that the gradient looks kinda funny against the numbers. Grey and green always blend together. Maybe could the green be a yoke at the top and the black tree outlines lead into the rest of the jersey. 

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The Charlotte Hornets feature a blue and purple color scheme and the only team in the league to feature the Jordan logo on all uni's. The double pinstripe is featured on the primary uni's.  The statement uniform is purple and features a set of double pin stripes on one of the side panels. The showtime edition is inspired by the Hornet's purple "CHA" jersey and  the 2018 city edition "Buzz City" but the jersey now features CLT across the chest. The community edition takes on the theme of the Queen's City. The unofficial color of Charlotte, green, is the uni's color. The legacy edition is a Carolina blue color, with the standard Hornet colors featured on the geometric pattern. 








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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Charlotte Hornets (7/14/21)

Can I make the tiny recommendation of changing the striping on the community uni from black to gold. That'll help tie it closer to Charlotte (UNCC and NC gold rush/banks) and make it look less like a Celtics uniform. Everything else looks great

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14 hours ago, johne9109 said:

Can I make the tiny recommendation of changing the striping on the community uni from black to gold. That'll help tie it closer to Charlotte (UNCC and NC gold rush/banks) and make it look less like a Celtics uniform. Everything else looks great

The community edition + the set has been updated to reflect the addition of gold.

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The Lakers have one of the most iconic brands while co-existing with the Clippers in the city of Los Angeles. The Lakers identity is more of the showtime, Hollywood aspect of Los Angeles. First, all uni’s bring back the wishbone collar. The primary uni’s as well as the statement alternate feature a star pattern on the side panels to honor the many stars on the team throughout the years as well as representing the stars in Hollywood. The showtime edition features the Black Mamba pattern while featuring a new alternate Lakers logo, with a purple ball and yellow lettering. The community edition features the city’s official logo as the script. It features a geometric sunset-inspired pattern as well as featuring a deep pink to the color scheme. This is a reference to the pink skies on Sunset Blvd. as well as paying tribute to the mysterious Lakers Giraffe logo. The legacy edition modernizes a Lakers classic while incorporating elements of palm tree branch on the side panels, inspired by the Los Angeles Sparks.  The primary uni's both equip the team name while the statement and showtime edition feature the location + team name to focus on the Lakers brand as they have to compete with the Clippers for the Los Angeles identity. The set as a whole is intended to modernize the Lakers while retaining the core elements that create the Lakers identity. C+C always appreciated.







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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Los Angeles Lakers (7/20/21)
17 hours ago, LA Fakers+ LA Snippers said:

If you swapped the gold and yellow, I think it might be more legible. 

Is this in reference to the purple statement uni? 

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3 hours ago, stumpygremlin said:

For the Lakers' Community jersey, why not put the numbers in white? That way they'd be more legible against the stripes.

Regarding the community jersey, I did originally have the number in white and it does provide a much stronger contrast but the community uni's are supposed to be bolder than standard uni's and I feel like the sunset pink works. 

22 hours ago, LA Fakers+ LA Snippers said:

If you swapped the gold and yellow, I think it might be more legible. 

The statement uni as well as the set has been updated as I did find the white with gold outline to be more visually appealing than gold with white outline.


Thanks again for the feedback I do appreciate it a lot.

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The Clippers have always been a second thought to the Lakers in the city of Los Angeles. While the Lakers own gold and purple, the Clippers use a nautical blue and red. In my opinion, the Clippers identity should focus more on work being put in and the grittiness of the game because all of the spotlight goes to the Lakers and the Lakers claim Hollywood and the fame aspect of LA in its branding.  Because of this, I felt the Clippers needed an updated look that would define them and allow them to operate out of the Lakers shadow. The primary uni’s both say the team name, just as the Lakers set did. The wordmark and number are brand new and inspired originally by the 2020 Clippers city edition. The statement edition is directly inspired by the Clipper’s current primary shorts with the the sublimated lines going through the block of color. The statement edition is an alternate that is meant to be bolder than the primary uni’s and I felt that red should always be the Clippers secondary color over grey or navy. The showtime edition features a sublimated barbed wire pattern. It represents the tough, gritty atmosphere of Los Angeles. The Clippers Community edition focuses more on the people of Los Angeles while the Lakers was more place-based. Los Angeles has a sizable Hispanic population, celebrating Mexican and other Central American cultures. This uni aims to honor these cultures with a celebratory design. The waistband features the Bird of Paradise flower, which is the official flower of Los Angeles. The side panels feature fabric designs used in clothing as seen here. The wordmark and number have a stylized design and the logo features a more vibrant border. A traditional pattern has been sublimated into the uni.  The legacy edition is inspired by the rejected 1993 Clippers rebrand where a Seafoam green and orange are used as the primary colors. With such a busy community edition uni, I kept the legacy edition more simplified to sort of balance it out. An alternate logo featuring a wave is on the side panels of the shorts. Overall, the Clippers needed something to modernize the brand for the foreseeable future to compete for dominance of LA and I hope my attempt does justice. C+C always appreciated. 










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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Los Angeles Clippers (7/27/21)

The Utah Jazz are up next. This rebrand is meant to shift the focus of the team’s identity from Jazz to Utah, much like how the Warriors shifted the focus of their identity from Warriors to Golden State.  My rebrand for the Jazz allows them to fully own their colors. I tried out many different color schemes before ultimately settling on the traditional navy, gold and green. This is because I felt that these three colors accurately represent the diverse environments of Utah. White, acting more as a contrast than part of the color scheme, represents the salt flats and the snowy mountains. The navy blue would represent the lakes and rivers throughout Utah. The golden skies over the mountains and desert are the reason why gold is used. And lastly, green represents the trees in the forests. The association and icon edition act as the primary uniforms. The side panels feature a vertical triple stripe displaying the Jazz colors. A new wordmark is on the Association edition to better match the “Utah” wordmark. The Utah ball logo is now the secondary logo. The statement edition features the return of the mountains, with trees on the mountain and a lake below. I felt like this was a design that combined the best of the past with something new. The showtime edition features a break in the side panel design on both the jersey and shorts. The showtime edition is referred to as “Dark Mode” and represents desert nights in Utah. The community edition features a redrock theme. The red portion of the uni features a very thin line pattern, which is meant to emulate the sandstone wave patterns. The wordmark is derived from the "Welcome to Utah" sign. The Arch is prominently displayed on the jersey as a warm, Utah sky is featured. The shorts feature the mountain ball alternate logo. The legacy edition utilizes green as the primary color and gold as a secondary. This uniform brings back the classic wordmark. It also introduces a very light silver into the color scheme as a tertiary color. Overall, I wanted Utah to have a set that was tied together and stayed within the identity. C+C always appreciated.









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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Redesigns | Utah Jazz (7/31/21)

The Dallas Mavericks currently have a classic but outdated look that needs to be modernized, especially in the Luka era, to create a brand that is formidable and respectable as a basketball club. The color scheme is blue, navy and silver.  The primary uni’s serve as a sharp and simple look. All of the uniforms have a v-neck collar. The wordmark and numbers have a new font which is straighter and lacks the curves of the original Mavericks font. The statement uniform acts as a third color way of the primary uniforms, now with the blue and navy inverting compared to the icon edition. An alternate wordmark is used on the jersey. The use of white as opposed to silver is because of a better contrast between the colors. The showtime edition brings the Dallas skyline onto the waistband while acting as a callback to the classic Mavericks design.  The community edition is inspired by the State Fair of Texas. The wordmark and side panel design is inspired by the Midway light sign which includes the star design on the jersey. The uniform fades from a nightly navy to a blue gray as the State Fair of Texas is most vibrant at night. A bright green is introduced as a secondary color. The legacy edition features a reincarnation of the vintage Mavericks green uniforms. The “Mavericks” wordmark is equipped with a cowboy hat on the M as is the secondary logo on the shorts. C+C always appreciated.








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  • jb1322 changed the title to NBA Concepts | Dallas Mavericks (8/7/21)

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