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NBA Concepts | New York Knicks (8/14/21)


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The Pacers fell into the trend in the 2000s to turn everything navy and lifeless of color. The 2020 city edition was a beautiful uni and that was the main inspiration for the two primary unis. The showtime edition reincarnates the navy Icon jersey the Pacers currently wear. The community edition modernizes the Hickory uni that the Pacers keep wearing for some reason. The design on the shorts is taken from the flag of Indiana. 







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Chicago Bulls... Uhh? Side panels was really necessary? I can't enjoy these side panels with a good design of Icon and association and legendary wordmark (When Jordan was drafted), no. Very ugly.... it kind of makes me want to throw up, and I'm not exaggerating. Too ugly for the eyes. I'm sorry, but this is the first time and however much personal opinion, I will have to disapprove of these designs because of side panels that arruined these concepts that without this, would be very beautiful. 0/10 



Attention: I'm being honest and will give always feedback. But, if it sounds offensive, I apologize. But, I highly doubt that i'm the only one here who really didn't like the sides.


Without side panels would be much better. And Indiana Pacers is good! Although i don't enjoy really these stripes in Indiana Pacers (i prefer like this a default design for Icon and Association) 

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The whole NBA program of short-lived jerseys that don't match team colors bugs me. That said it's giving you the opportunity to be creating. The Bulls theater jersey, for example. I only noticed the second time through that the side panels are curtains. Very clever, though the marquis might be a bit clunky for the front.


In the same vein, while I don't think community uniforms should exist, the T-Wolves should absolutely do something like you've done with the Minneapolis / St. Paul (since these kind of uniforms do exist). For some reason, I think the suburbanites would be OK with the Minneapolis and St. Paul sides, but I think they'd balk at the area codes "612 to 651? 763 for life!"


Also, I like the LA map side panels.

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The New York Knicks have the New York skyline going down the side panels on the primary uni and shorts. The statement edition brings back orange for the Knicks (finally) and features the Empire State building on the shorts. All uni's are equipped with an updated Knicks logo. The showtime edition honors the NYFD. The community edition honors the Statue of Liberty and acts as a pseudo-homage to the WNBA counterpart, the NY Liberty as their logo is displayed on the shorts. 







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Hey man, been following this thread since I last replied and I'm really surprised with your improvement! I commend you on receiving and applying feedback, without losing the colorful essence of your concepts, and making more cohesive identities. Pacers, Nets and Wizards are my favorite so far, and the Knicks are very good. I would remove the spikes on the collar of the Community Edition, I know it's meant to replicate the Statue of Liberty, but the colors already make it identifiable.


About the Bulls, I do agree with @Ukyo that the curtain pattern on the sides Is a no-go. Not your fault, because the Bulls might have the best, most iconic set of the entire league (along with the Celtics), so anything you add should feel like an improvement, and not a complete redo. It already feels weird on the real jersey, so I would take that away.


Hope to see more of your work!

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Finally got around to the Miami Heat with this new template. I feel that there are too many red and black teams in the league already, so Miami is fully embracing the vice theme. The association edition is simply the vice edition. The icon edition is referred to as vice sunsets, which the secondary black representing the oncoming nights in Miami. The statement edition is vice wave and the showtime edition is vice nights. The community edition takes on a South Beach theme, showing off the vibrant sunny lifestyle in Miami. 







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Only correction I would make is to reverse the team name colors on the Icon and Statement (make it white on the Icon and black on the Statement). Other than that great concept, I really dig the palm trees on the Showtime and the Community is very original, great touch to make the player's name in lower case.

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My version of the Atlanta Hawks brings back the triangles, back in a manner that is not so in you face. Also, pushing out yellow for peach just made too much sense to me. Early concepts used the peach ball logo but I ultimately didn't like it and scrapped it. The showtime edition honors an old Hawks uni with the three stripes. The community edition honors Atlanta's role as host of the Centennial Olympics.







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This is by far your best set yet. This looks like a natural progression for the Hawks in almost every aspect. The White and Red sets are a great blend of traditional and modern, the black set is a nice tribute to multiple eras, and the City look is a home run. My only gripes would be that the peach color doesn't look that peachy to me, it should be a bit brighter and slightly redder, and the waist pattern on the City set feels out of place. Aside from that, this is amazing. You've certainly improved a lot since the beginning of the thread. Well done.

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I LOVE the Hawks. Great use of the triangular pattern, and replacing yellow with peach looks surprisingly good. The Community Edition is a really original idea, and very well executed.


Overall no complaints in here. Keep it up!

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For the Dallas Mavericks, i knew I wanted to bring back green and the alternate M logo. The alternate M logo has been updated, with a green lasso wrapped around it. The primary uni's display the pegasus wings on the sides. The statement edition is an updated version of the classic green uni. The showtime edition proudly displays the Dallas skyline. The community edition is inspired by the State Fair of Texas. The line pattern on the jersey behind the wordmark that runs down the side panel is directly inspired by the Midway sign at the State Fair of Texas. Red is incorporated into the community jersey to reflect the red pegasus in Dallas. 







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Dallas looks surprisingly good considering you used the pegasus side panels off the current city. Something about those jerseys I just really hate in real life, but here, the single blue and white is actually really clean. I like them as a just blue and white team, which is honestly pretty original, I feel like everybody either goes the double blue or green route. Big fan of the last three as well. When I first saw the home and away I wasn't sold, but this grew on me a lot, pretty solid

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The current Thunder set is just bland. With one of the most generic and forgettable logos and overall identity, I knew the Thunder needed a major overhaul and I looked to the 2018 city edition as inspiration. The first major change is the shift from the Thunder blue to a brighter, more turquoise shade.  The new primary logo is derived from the 2018 city edition. The community edition features an Oklahoma City script that comes from a real mural on a wall in Oklahoma City. The skydance bridge is featured on the shorts. The community edition is a uni that is meant to honor the classic cowboy culture that OKC is known for while also reflecting its role as a modern, growing city. 








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The Pelicans need to represent the vibrance of New Orleans. Based off the 2020-2021 city edition, I decided to implement a wishbone collar for the Pelicans. Zion Williamson is the player used for the primary and alternate uni's, while Anthony Davis is the player used for the Community Edition. The primary uni's feature a fleur de lis pattern. The statement and showtime edition both feature a crescent on the shorts, referencing New Orleans as the Crescent City. The showtime edition represents "NIGHTS IN NOLA". The community edition is a Mardi Gras uni. The pinstripe design is small circles, used to emulate the Mardi Gras bead necklaces. Feathers are featured behind the classic NOLA wordmark with the trumpet. The waistband on the Community edition. features Comedy/Tragedy. C+C always appreciated. 







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