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NASCAR Concepts: NextGen Number Placement


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I’m on a quest to make NASCAR concepts a more popular thing. One of the more recent debates in the sport has been about number placement, with the All-Star Race experimenting with a shifted number. The argument is that it’ll help sponsor visibility and therefore make sponsorship more worth the money and entice more investors in the sport, which I can’t argue with. Honestly, I prefer to not mess with it, but since it seems likely that they will move them on the NextGen car, I decided to play around with them.



These were done a while back, so before you jump on me about how Ross Chastain is already in the 42 so the 16 concept is pointless, or the same thing with Briscoe and the 98, keep in mind these were done way before those announcements. Like I said above, I’m still not in favor of moving the numbers, but I think that when the shape of the sponsor logo is incorporated into the design, the scheme can actually be pretty nice. 


Going through each:

9: Basically, I took the idea of Chase’s current scheme and shifted things to match.

24: This one was kinda a weird mashup of the classic Jeff Gordon Rainbow Warrior with Chase Elliott’s scheme. IDK why, I just rolled with it and that’s what I ended up with. 
16: Hypothetical “What if Kaulig Racing went to Cup with Ross Chastain as the driver.” Like Elliott’s, I took the current scheme and adjusted for the logo. 
98: Okay, so I was watching Iron Man and he fell on a Shelby Cobra that reminded me of Chase Briscoe’s Ford Performance School scheme and that’s literally the whole idea here. 
20: It’s Christopher Bell’s scheme tweaked for the logo. This assumes Rheem follows him to the 20, of course. 
18: Not much to say here tbh. I just did something and hoped it worked.

5 and 25: Renumbered the Hendrick cars to bring back the more traditional HMS numbers and pretty much designed around the logos. These numbers traditionally had neon accents, so those are kept.
3: IDK, like the 18, I just did whatever and hoped it worked. 

That was a lot to type on my phone. I might throw some more NASCAR concepts in here later, like I said, I’m on a quest to make that a thing. 

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I don't hate it, as long as, like you said, the sponsor's logo is incorporated into the design. Obviously I prefer the traditional number placement, but if your designs are the standard, I'd be ok with the shift. Great work!

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