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Sweden Hockey Concept


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Here is my concept for the Swedish National Hockey Team. It is based off of the current uniforms, but with a few twists and a new logo (it still involves the 3 crowns though, cause you cant mess with those). The wording on the logo means Kingdom of Sweden in Swedish.


Sweden Home Jersey


Sweden Away Jersey


Sweden Alternate Jersey

C&C Welcome.

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Honestly, Sweden's jerseys are pehaps the most perfect of all the international jerseys.

And being a close friend with a Swede, they take pride in that fact (seriously)

I agree, thats why I didn't do anything too radical with them.

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I like everything about them except the main crest. The crowns uncircled and larger are very dynamic and the circle just dulls them down too much for me. It comes across as too old school for such a modern design for me I guess.

I LOVE the crowns in the waist stripes though. Overall, very nice work!


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Really like the yellow and blue ones, not so much the white. For the crest, why not try yellow instead of white as the background of the crowns. if there was a :flagsweden: smiley it would be here :D !

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