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On to my Premier league team, the Vancouver Seawolves. I completely overhauled and rebranded this team when I took it over. Originally the Seawolves mascot was an Orca, and the colors were red and green. 


Full sized image link: https://i.imgur.com/SAYb9xH.png



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And lastly, my continental league team, the Miami Cougars.

The Cougars were last owned in the UWFFL by Roger Morrow, who I think came up with the original logo? I'm not sure, but I upscales and cleaned up that logo a bit, without making any major changes, because it's really good. I gave the uniforms a complete overhaul though, and removed lime green accents.


Full sized image link: https://i.imgur.com/kLv4r9h.png




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This Saturday the GSL is holding the 2021 Playoff Bowl (will be known as the Redemption Game moving forward). This is a game between the two conference runner ups. More info here: https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=news-story&story=2021-07-22-1


Here are the logos, uniforms, and field for the game.








Playoff Bowl Logo is by me. 

Team uniforms and logos are by the team owners:

Memphis Comets: https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=team-history&team_id=MEM

Pennsylvania Keystones: https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=team-history&team_id=PEN

And the field is by @SFCOM1

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12 hours ago, tigers said:

Why didn't you name it the Redemption Bowl or similar?


Love the effort you've put into all this.


It will be the Redemption Game moving forward, but this game is the Playoff Bowl because of the way I ran the logo competition.

Of the 5 entries (https://imgur.com/a/nu62cGL) league members voted on two things:

1) Which logo was the best for the 2021 game

2) Which is the best game name, which would be used for all future games


So with the winning logo being Playoff Bowl, that's why the game is named that this year, but the winning game name was Redemption Game, so it'll be that moving forward.

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This Sunday the GSL is holding the Inaugural Gridiron Bowl. More details about the game can be found here: https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=news-story&story=2021-07-27-1


Here are some of the uniforms/logos/fields for the game.














Gridiron Bowl logo by @logoroy

Team logo/uniform designs by their respective owners:

Arizona: @logoroy https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=team-history&team_id=ARZ

Norfolk: @RBronish https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=team-history&team_id=NOR

Field design and poorly photoshopped game jerseys and stadium field by me.

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I have all the details of the Las Vegas Outlaws already written up on the GSL News Hub, so I'm just doing a copy paste job here to show off those updates. I tend to not post all team design changes for the GSL here to not clutter the boards, and mostly because most updates are to teams I don't own. If anyone is interested in getting the most up to date GSL design changes, owning a team, or the logo competitions we run from time to time, that'll happen on the GSL website, with more information about the goings on at the GSL on the GSL forum.




The Las Vegas Outlaws have released some updates to their look today, with changes to their wordmark, and updates to the uniforms, while also dropping a color from their color scheme. Let's first take a look at the wordmark.

Although there is no change to the wordmark on the white background, on the color background, the differences are very clear. New for this year, the outline on the black background wordmark changes from dark orange to white, while on the orange background the main font color is now white, in place of gray, which has been removed from the Outlaws color scheme entirely. For the 2020 and 2021 seasons, gray was used in the team logo, wordmark, and uniforms, but only remains in the logo for the 2022 season. With the updates to the wordmark, the Outlaws field will also receive an update for 2022.


The field now uses a white outline in the endzone. Another minor change to the field is the return of a white outline to the logo at midfield, as white becomes more prominently used throughout the team’s designs.

On to the uniform changes for 2022, which represent the greatest design changes for the Outlaws this coming season.

Let's start from the top down. On the helmet, the only change is to the stripe, which now has a white outline, as opposed to the dark orange outline from the previous two seasons. The jersey and socks also see the same changes to the striping pattern. The stripes anywhere on the new uniforms match the outline pattern from the wordmark, as seen on the pants stripe. The number font changes to be more similar to the teams normal wordmark font, with white numerals this season to make the numbers more readable compared to years past. The addition of more white to the uniform, especially the jersey and numbers, are intended to make the uniforms pop just a little more on the field. A similar change to the color jersey numbers has also taken place in Los Angeles this season, which falls under the ARS Designs manufacturer for 2022, while the team is in search of a new owner. Next, we get to the cleats, which for the most part will be white this season, with the exception of the two black on black uniform sets the Outlaws will be rolling out this season. Lastly, as for all team uniform sets manufactured under ARS Designs, the ARS logo is seen at the base of the collar, and on the top left of the pants.


The Outlaws have seven total uniform combinations planned for 2022. Ownership (well, ownership is me) is pretty pleased with the way team designs have progressed over the past couple of seasons, and think they’ve really nailed down a look that could be more long term.

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The GSL just held its latest competition, for creating the 2022 All-Star Game logo.

Here were the three entries, which the league is voting on:


Entry 1



Entry 2



Entry 3


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