Western Washington Vikings rebrand (Final presentation)

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10 hours ago, sleuthpanther said:

This is a pretty underrated thread, you’ve been super receptive to C&C and it shows through the progress! All your updates have been good! I think simplifying parts like the hair a tad would be more in line with my personal taste, but I’m nitpicking at this point 😅 Keep up the good work my friend 

@sleuthpanther Thanks I appreciate a lot! I'll see what I can do with the hairs. I feel like small programs etc are not really interesting ppl in general. I do love to give myself challenges, design for teams that nobody watch.  Who knows maybe they'll contact me :D.


9 hours ago, builtbymachines said:

Option A


First I thought B was better, but A fits for representing a sports team over B, which would be more suited for a graphic novel.


I’m not really feeling the cartoony look of your “ship monster” for lack of a better term.


You’ve proven that you are more than able to make quality content, so I really think he needs to me more menacing and you could pull it off obviously. It’s all a matter of you choosing to do so. 

He (the ship monster) needs meaner eyes and losing the horns was a bad choice. 

Again, just my 2 cents. Your Viking is great and whichever one you pick, I respectfully say you shouldn’t mess with him anymore.

Thanks for your feedback! Indeed A is probably closer, I love both so it's shard for me to pick one. 

I'll rework on the look of the Drakkar, make him more mean. 

I used to draw a lot more when I was younger. Now that I got a graphic tablet, the taste of drawing is back again. :) 

I'll try to not touch the Viking anymore, can't promise lol.



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To me, the logo just needs to be a bit simplified. You've got some great logos so far, but there are a bit too many small details and complex shapes that would become lost at smaller sizes. A streamlined version would be perfect. As others have pointed out, you've got some serious skill and are great at keeping constructive thoughts in mind. Well done!

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Hi, here are the 2 latest versions with modifications 
-Drakkar with horns 


-Viking with simplified lines.

-New hairs simple shapes. 



this is not the vector final version. C&C are appreciate ;)

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Here is the final versions vectorized. I've change the grey to a a kind of glacial grey (Blue+grey) What you guys think? 


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