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Hey ya'll, 

So I started this project back in the spring (when quarantine hit), not intending for this to be anything serious. This was just something fun I could do from home while everything was locked down.  But over the course of this year, I've just been knocking out 2-3 sets per week in my free time. And lo and behold, I've finally gotten through all 32 teams!

Disclaimer: I'm by no means a "pro user",  I drew all these up using MS Paint and they're nowhere near the level of detail that I've seen from some users on this site. I'm just good with Paint and it's good enough to get the job done, so that's what I used. 

A couple notes:

  1. I drew these sets up assuming there were no limiting factors (i.e., " the one helmet rule") that would affect uniform design. Teams can have as many different uniform/helmet combos as they want to.
  2. Every team will have at least 4 different uniform combinations: a Home set, a Road set, an Alternate set, and a Throwback set. Some will have more, some will have less. I also won't show every possible combination, just the ones I think look best together. 
  3. I didn't just change things for the sake of changing them. If a team already has a good design, then I most likely didn't make any major design changes.


With all that being said, I'll start out in the AFC East and work my way west. Comments/feedback welcome! 


AFC East 

Buffalo Bills v2.0                                                                                                                   

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Jets


AFC North 

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers


AFC South

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans


AFC West

Denver Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs

Las Vegas Raiders

Los Angeles Chargers v2.0


NFC East 

Dallas Cowboys v2.0                                                                                                              

New York Giants v2.0

Philadelphia Eagles 

Washington Red Wolves


NFC North 

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v2.0


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams v2.0

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks v2.0





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TEAM #2: Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have a really clean look, so I didn't try to fix what isn't broke. Took the striping pattern from the previous gen unis and blended it with the current design. Throwback uniforms are untouched, since they're arguably the best in the game. 








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TEAM #3: New England Patriots

The Pats noticeably improved things this past offseason, but there's still something a little off about them. I changed the number font to match the Patriots wordmark, and brought back silver pants. Also added in a red alternate uniform and brought back the Patriot Pat-era look for the throwbacks. 








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TEAM #4: New York Jets


Not really a fan of the last Jets rebrand, they took something that wasn't broke and they made them into a half-assed version of a CFL team. I decided to combine the best parts of the different Jets uniform eras into one amalgamation.  Added in the phrase "Take Flight" (Jets unofficial slogan) on the inside of the colar. Throwbacks are from the Super Bowl III -era Jets.









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TEAM #5: Baltimore Ravens


On to the AFC North, where we'll start with the Baltimore Ravens. I'm a big fan of their logos and coloring, so I didn't change these too much. Dropped the unnecessary drop-shadow numbering, and used the shield logo on the pants rather than the B (which just looks funny IMHO). Took the purple ravens-claw marks off the helmet to create a cleaner all-black look. Added in an alternate based on the Maryland state flag (similar to what the Maryland Terps use). Added in a gold "Ravens Flock" wordmark to the inside of the collars. 









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TEAM #6: Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals are a tale of 2 extremes. Their helmets are possibly the best in the NFL; the rest of the uniforms are possibly the worst. So I stuck with what works (the helmets and tiger-stripe pattern) and re-did everything else (goofy contrasting side panels, the jenky number font, B logo that nobody cares about, etc.) I went full-on White Tiger for the alternates, and also added in a set of orange pants to give them more options.









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TEAM #7: Cleveland Browns


The Browns nailed it by going back to a classic look with their last re-brand, so I didn't change much. Added in an orange alternate, and added some stripping to their all-brown combination as they're a little too plain. 









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TEAM #8: Pittsburgh Steelers


The Steelers have some of the best uniforms in the game, so I mostly didn't touch their primary uniforms. Tweaked the number font slightly, and made the pant stripe thinner to better mirror the single stripe on the helmet. Changed the player names on the road jerseys from gold to black, as the  current ones are a little hard to make out from afar. Added in some white pants to give them more options. Finally, I added a couple alternates including an all grey "Steel City" alternate. Kept in a throwback set as a nod to their uber-successful heyday











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TEAM #9: Houston Texans


On to the AFC South, where we'll start with Houston. Texans have some solid (albeit unspectacular) jerseys.... nothing to really hate on, but not a lot that really stands out, either. I changed the pant striping to mirror the shoulder striping (comes to a point to mimic a cattle horn), and matched the colors. Changed the script on the helmet bumpers from navy to red so it jumps out more. Also added a We Are Texans script to the inside jersey collars (currently standard on the Color Rush jerseys but not the others). Finally, I tweaked the Color Rush jerseys to be a little more unique, with a new Texas-themed asymmetrical helmet to match. 










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TEAM #10: Indianapolis Colts


Colts uniforms are timeless and don't need redesigning. All I did was add 2 stripes to the helmet rather than 1 (I'm a sucker for symmetry) and went back to the previous generation wordmarks. Also changed the facemasks from grey to white. Added in a grey alternate jersey for kicks. 








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TEAM #11: Jacksonville Jaguars


Jacksonville has always been an enigma to me. They have an amazing color scheme and primary logo... yet somehow, they always fall short. The previous generation ones were a trainwreck, and the current ones (while not bad) are basically glorified practice uniforms. I went back and forth on what I wanted to do with these. In the end, I decided to combine some of the best aspects of the different generations.


For the helmets, I went with the two-toned black and teal color from the 2009-2012 era, with the current primary logo.  This would give them something unique compared to the rest of the league (shoutout to this guy for the inspiration). Added in the full-bodied jaguars from the 1995-2008 era on the sleeves. Numbers and player names follow the previous-generation style. I also added the Jags shield logo on the pants/shoulders, and a DUVAL wordmark inside the collars. The end result is basically a modern take on their throwback uniforms










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TEAM #12: Tennessee Titans


Great color scheme... mediocre logo/design. I dumped the Flaming Thumbtack logo, and used more of that pretty sky blue color. Also dropped the sword motif from the shoulders and pants, as it looks a little XFL-ish. Added an all-steel alternate uniform to give them a different look/additional helmet options. And last but definitely not least, we get a return of the gorgeous Houston Oilers throwbacks to tie it all together. 










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TEAM #13: Denver Broncos


Onto the AFC West to finish out the AFC. We'll start with the Denver Broncos. Despite popular sentiment, I've always liked the Broncos current-gen uniforms; they're unique and were incredibly influential on future uniform designs. They could just use a few tweaks. I added in some orange numbering to make the road uniforms pop, and dropped the orange trim from the pants so the pant striping matches the jersey striping. I also cleaned up the helmet striping and added in a "5280" wordmark inside the collars as a shout-out to the city of Denver. Finally, I added in a sublimated version of the Colorado state logo on the sleeves. For the alternates, I used colors from the 1960-ish uniforms. Throwbacks are from the John Elway era. 








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TEAM #14: Kansas City Chiefs


The reigning champs have a great uniform to match: simple, classic, beautiful. They're hardly changed in 60 years for a reason. The only things I changed were: 1) Widen up the stripes on the pants, and 2) Change the striping on the red pants to match the red jersey. I also added in black and gold alternate jerseys to give them some different looks.








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TEAM #15: Las Vegas Raiders


Much like the Chiefs, the Raiders haven't changed much throughout their history. And for good reason. The silver and black is a clean, timeless look that's been copied a thousand times over. For this reason, Home and Road uniforms stay exactly the same. For the alternates, I made a "Black Hole" design where everything is blacked out (helmet, helmet bumpers, facemasks, pants) and the used the current Color Rush/throwback uniforms for an all-white counterpart look.







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TEAM #16: Los Angeles Chargers


To finish out the AFC, we come to the LA Chargers. They really hit a home run with their latest rebrand, so I didn't want to mess with them too much. If anything, the current ones a just little bit plain. I added in a chest wordmark and some shoulder numbering to fill out that blank space on the jerseys. Also added an alternate gold jersey; throwbacks are from the 90's Junior Seau era. Bolt Up




















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TEAM #17: Dallas Cowboys

Switching over to the NFC: we'll start things out in the POWERHOUSE NFC East (heavy sarcasm intended). First team up is the Cowboys. This is one I'm sure will cause some controversy, as there's a lot of people who love the Cowboys duds, mismatched colors and all. I'm not one of them. I cleaned things up by using one shade of blue, and matching the helmet and pants colors, throughout. Apart from this things stay mostly the same. Changed the road uniform to be a mirror image of the current home ones. The helmet stays as is, as the Cowboys' double outlined star is an iconic look. 







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TEAM #18: New York Giants

If I have one complaint with the Giants, it's that their uniforms are almost TOO simple. The plain blue home jerseys could use a little color. I took the red Northwestern stripes on the road uniforms and used them throughout the set. Red alternate jerseys return, but with a twist - striping run across the chest, rather than the sleeves (a la the Northwestern Wildcats). Also added in some blue pants to give them additional combinations.












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TEAM #19: Philadelphia Eagles

One thing I consistently see online when people discuss the Eagles, is a desire for them to bring back the Kelly green jerseys. I totally get it; it's a classic look. However, I think the current shade of Midnight green is seriously underrated. My thought was, why not have the best of both worlds? I used a darker shade of Kelly green for the main set, and still brought back the Reggie White-era throwbacks. Helmets get a silver facemask, as I think this pops better than the generic black mask. Added silver pants to give them some more options, and an all-black alternate combination (including black helmets) gives them a mean look for primetime night games. Fly Eagles Fly!








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TEAM #20: Washington Red Wolves

For now, they're still the Washington Football Team; my heart tells me this won't last. Eventually they're gonna have to come up with an actual name, and many fans (myself included) seem keen on a switch. Red Wolves would give them something unique, and avoid any potential conflicts with using Native American imagery the way, say, "Warriors" would. People way more creative than myself have come up with some pretty fantastic concepts in anticipation already, and this one might be the best of all (credit to @DCSportsXP). 

I ran with this idea, keeping the already great color scheme of burgundy and gold and fitting it into a new era. Three stars on the inside of the collars represent the DC Flag. Northwestern striping pattern comes from the old helmets. This might be my favorite set of the whole project.








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