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NCAA Division 1 Football Concepts - Power Five Conferences


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Rutgers Scarlet Knights


I kept things stupidly simple with Rutgers, as I think this design lends itself to a simple + clean look. Home and road uniforms stay mostly unchanged, the alternates are where I made some alterations. Changes include replacing the Rutgers "R" with the alternate dark knight logo and a return to using scarlet numbers w/ white outlines. 






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Purdue Boilermakers


Purdue has some pretty unique features (despite popular opinion, I personally love the cowcatcher design). IMHO, they just try to do too much with everything else. So I took these back in a more classic direction.


I dropped the train track mess from the helmets, using a single stripe across all sets that I also added to the pants. Also added TV numbers to the jersey sleeves. Finally, I replaced the haggard grey alternate jersey (ewww) with a clean all-white combination. 






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Illinois Fighting Illini


To finish out the Big Ten, we come to the Fighting Illini of Illinois. I think Illinois took a major step backwards w/ their last rebrand (they look like a generic version of Syracuse IMHO), which was especially puzzling to me considering the previous generation uniforms looked great.


I went back to that style of uniform (the shield logo, numbers w/ outlines, etc.) for these concepts. Other changes I made were using the shield logo in place of the "I" all around, keeping striping consistent across all uniform sets, and adding a "Fighting Illini" chest wordmark.






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Florida Gators


With the Big 10 finished,  I'll switch back over to the SEC (which despite popular opinion, does not automatically guarantee a bowl game victory). First team up is the Florida Gators. Basically just upgraded the uniform template to the latest Nike Vapor Fusion design, and re-did some little things (used a more traditional number font, changed the location of the Gator head decal on the uniforms). Alternate Florida "F" logo is used on the white helmets in place of the traditional cursive "Gators" script.










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LSU Tigers


One of the best looks in the sports stays mostly unchanged. Only real changes I made were to clean up the striping to make everything consistent across helmet/jersey/pants. I also introduced a gold alternate jersey, which IMHO would look fantastic when paired with white pants + helmets.  Geaux Tigahs! 






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Georgia Bulldogs


Great look, classic with a touch of modernization. There's not a whole lot to not like about the Dawgs. For my sets, Home and Road uniforms stay the same, with secondary bulldog logo substituted in place of the "G" on the jersey collars and classic block numbers in place of the proprietary Georgia font.


Third jersey is where I changed things up. The current ones (while definitely not bad), I feel would look even better as a blackout look. So I introduced a set of black pants and a black helmet, while dropping the tacky-looking dog collar.  80's style throwback jersey rounds out the set.





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Miami Hurricanes


First team up from the ACC is "The U", the Miami Hurricanes. There's been a lot of different iterations of their uniform - some better, some worse - but thankfully they wised up and went back to their classic look after switching from Nike to Adidas.


Helmets stay exactly as is in my redesign, while the jerseys themselves get a few tweaks. I went back to the Hurricanes proprietary font for the numbering, as I think it looks a little more unique and stands out better than the current (boring) block numbers. I also changed the striping to be the opposite color of the numbers on all uniform sets, which makes everything pop a little more. 






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Oklahoma Sooners


Making my first dent in the Big 12, I'll start things out with Oklahoma. Didn't change much on the primaries, as it's a classic look that's stood the test of time. The alternates drop the "bring the wood" pattern from the sleeves and just become plain maroon alongside cream. 






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USC Trojans


To start off the Pac 12, the first school up is USC. The Trojans have a very classic look that I didn't want to deviate too far from, but I did make some subtle changes. Helmet logo changes to the updated Trojan head, and numbering goes back to a standard block style.


For the alternates, I added a gold jersey with a different style of pant stripe, which mirrors the stripes on the uniform. Per tradition, I did not include player names on any of the jersey sets (Fun fact: As of 2020, they're still the only team to have never done this). 





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Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Probably the easiest set I've made so far. I had zero intention of changing the primary look whatsoever, so they stay exactly as is. Alternates are where the overhaul happens. I'm not a fan Under Armour green alternates, the dark blue numbers just don't look good over green IMHO.  I went back to the previous-gen green jerseys for inspiration instead. I added a cursive "Irish" script to the helmets and used green trim all around to make these stand out a bit from the primary looks.





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Washington Huskies


Washington just recently got some new uniforms when they partnered w/ Adidas, and IMHO they're pretty good. I played around with that look to make things pop even more. For the Home set, pants get the three stripe pattern from the helmet to keep things consistent. On the jersey sleeves, instead of the plain old three stripe look (which tends to look washed out on the current set) I changed the design to be the alternate Husky head logo. Gold + black alternate uniforms complete the set.










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Oregon Ducks

The Mecca of college football uniform design (and really, uniform design in general), we come to the Oregon Ducks. A team that's famous for basically never wearing the same uniform combination twice, I kept that tradition alive with 8 different looks for the 2021 season. Template is Nike's new Vapor Fusion uniform, which Oregon has already worn for a couple seasons, but hasn't really caught on elsewhere as of yet.


As for the uniforms themselves, I combined several different eras together. Color palette and winged helmet design is from the current set. Numbering is from the previous gen uniforms, with the unique inner piping from the current sets maintained. Shoulder wings from the early 2010's era return to the jerseys. Oregon "O" logo moves from the upper left chest area to the center collar area.










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Texas Longhorns


No Earth-shattering changes here. I mostly stuck with the current design, with some subtle changes. Number font is changed from the plain block style to more of a throwback-style font based on the school wordmark. Sleeve stripes are thickened up, and matching double stripes are added to the pants.  Alternate uniform is a blackout look (which is something a lot of fans have already called for).






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Kansas State Wildcats


People seem to fall into one of two camps with K-State. For those in Camp 1, their uniforms are exceedingly boring and overly simple. For those in Camp 2, these are something close to perfection; a classic and timeless look that we shouldn't change a thing about. 


Count me among Camp 2. I absolutely love the Wildcats unis and struggled to come up with any changes that would tangibly improve their look. So these stay pretty much as is. Only update I made was adding a black jersey to give them another look.






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Clemson Tigers

Switching back to the ACC for a minute, we come to the back-to-back National Title runner ups (it's all good, they've won a few, too). Clemson has a really clean look, so I didn't change a lot. Main change I made was dropping the TV numbers from the sleeves and adding the 3-stripe pattern in their place.  I also added a little more purple to the white jerseys, and added in an "All In" script inside the collar as a nod to coach Dabo Swinney and the Clemson's ascendancy with him at the helm.




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Clemson Tigers 2.0


Not vastly different from the first go around, but I tweaked a few things to make them a little more unique. Number font is updated to Clemson's proprietary font, and paw print logos switch places with the TV numbers on the jerseys. I also added a white alternate helmet, which would allow them to rock a "whiteout" look to serve as a nice complement to their all-purple set.






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