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NCAA Division 1 Football Concepts - Power Five Conferences


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UCLA Bruins


Fresh off their upset of LSU, I hop right onto the bandwagon that is Chip Kelly's UCLA Bruins. This is a classic, recognizable set, so I didn't deviate too far from the current look. Main changes I made were resurrecting the all-white look from their Under Armour days, and also introducing an alternate gold jersey. I also incorporated the secondary "B" logo that the baseball team uses on the white helmet, as I think it's underused and serves as a nice compliment to the traditional "UCLA" cursive script.






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Stanford Cardinal


I love Stanford's classic colors and the overall cleanness of their look; if I have one complaint, it's that their unis are almost too simple. Like they're trying to be Alabama, without being Alabama (if that makes any sense). I added some striping to the pants and TV numbers to the jerseys to fill out some of the blank space. I also dropped black trim from the Home and Road looks entirely, as they look best with just white and cardinal.





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On 2/5/2021 at 10:13 AM, mahnkej said:

Washington Huskies


Washington just recently got some new uniforms when they partnered w/ Adidas, and the new ones look great. I played around with the look a little to make it pop even more. On the home set, pants get the three stripe pattern from the helmet to keep things consistent. On the jersey sleeves, instead of the plain old three stripe look (which tends to look washed out on the current set) I changed the design to be the alternate husky head logo, which I keep across all three sets. In keeping with tradition, purple pants have no stripes. Alternates are all black with white and royal purple trim. 








i think the husky on the shoulders is a bad idea.maybe if you made it another color instead of purple on purple or grey on white it would look good, but i thin kthat the double purple thing doesnt work. everything else looks really good though super clean stuff

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North Carolina Tar Heels


UNC has a gorgeous color scheme and iconic striping pattern, so I used both judiciously in these sets. Striping stays consistent across helmet, jersey, and pants, and mirrors the pattern found on the basketball jerseys. Alternate is an all-navy set, colored to convey a sort of "photo negative" effect (this one would look awesome for night games). I also retained UNC's excellent throwback uniforms as a fourth look. 






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Arizona Wildcats


The Wildcats did well to go back to their classic "Desert Swarm" look this past offseason, which IMO was a definite upgrade over the hot mess they were wearing before. However, if I have one criticism, it's that they're still a little generic (there's a whole lot of teams who use a 3-stripe pattern with plain block numbers). As such, I basically made a "modern classic" type look which combines the  Desert Swarm design with Arizona's proprietary number font. I also brought back red alternate uniforms and navy helmets to give them some different options.





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BYU Cougars


Classic look that lends itself well to mixing/matching different uniform combinations. You could just as easily leave these as is, but if you're like me, i.e. things just NEED to symmetrical... then it only makes sense to use the Northwestern striping pattern on the helmets as well. 


Primary sets use the classic navy/white color scheme. Alternates  are based heavily off this year's update, which utilizes a brighter royal blue color to give them some different looks. 







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Tennessee Volunteers


Tennessee's uniforms are arguably a little boring... and it arguably doesn't matter, because it's really their unique shade of orange that make these stand out.


I mostly left the primaries as is, switching to a single stripe look throughout and dropping all remnants of the checkerboard experiment (the pattern looks great in the end zones, not so much on the uniforms themselves IMHO). I also added a Tennessee state emblem decal to the pants. Alternate look is a head-to-toe blackout look. 





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South Carolina Gamecocks


Keeping things moving in the SEC, next up is the South Carolina Gamecocks. I love that they went back to their classic style uniforms (which IMO are superior to the previous-gen ones), so most of the changes I made herewere subtle.

Numbering is switched to a traditional block style, and the striping on the collars is switched from a 5-stripe to a 3-stripe pattern. "Black Magic" throwback/alternates become the primary home look. White circles are dropped from the garnet and black helmets, in favor of a cleaner white outline.


Biggest change here is the introduction of an all-white 2nd alternate set, which uses an old-school style number font, and judicious use of the alternate "SC" logo. This set also takes styling cues from the South Carolina state flag, utilizing the palmetto tree + crescent moon design on the sleeves and helmet bumpers. 







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Arkansas Razorbacks


Arkansas's traditional look works pretty well, and I think they did well to switch back to that style full-time a couple years back. However, IMHO they do look an awful lot like the Oklahoma Sooners... so I tweaked these to make them a little more unique. Basically, I blended the classic Arkansas look with the Razorbacks' modern font to create a "modern throwback" look.  Also brought back a black alternate jersey and used the secondary Arkansas "A" logo for the pants accent.







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Texas A&M Aggies


Not much to say about these. Adidas did well taking A&M back to their classic look, and they're just about perfect as is IMHO. I made a few changes, which included tweaking the number font/typeface to a more classic block font, and making the A&M logo on the helmets a little less obnoxiously large.




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Missouri Tigers


Blended the new school and old school styles together for this set. Primary sets use the classic Northwestern striping pattern w/ modern number font. Alternate look utilizes the iconic all black, oversized logo helmet with tiger claw marks on the helmet and pants. Helmets (in all 3 primary colors) can use either the classic logo, Missouri "M", or oversized cat logo, which gives them tons of options to mix & match different looks.






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Florida Gators 2.0


Mostly the same as my original Gators concepts, but with a few tweaks. Striping  on the primary uniforms now uses the 5-stripe pattern everywhere (including the helmets). I also added in a couple new looks: an all-black "The Swamp" alternate, as well as a throwback set.







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Vanderbilt Commodores


Vandy has a great color scheme and branding to work with, but IMO their last redesign fell pretty flat. Classic case of overcorrection, from a loud and flashy design to one that's overly generic. I tried to strike a balance between the two with this design.


Anchor logos make a return and are placed on the shoulders (a la Clemson Tigers), while TV numbers move down to the sleeves. I also brought back white pants + black helmets, including  one with the oversized "V" logo with the anchor and chain running down the middle. 






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Mississippi State Bulldogs


Pretty underrated look IMHO, this is one that Adidas got right.  These mostly stay as is; I added a single stripe to all the helmets in my set, to help break up the monochrome-ness. All black alternate using silver numbers + the secondary Bulldog logo serves as a compliment to the main look.






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