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Cleveland Indians become the Cleveland Guardians


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"Blues" lets them do a music theme without resorting to the long-tired tradition of "it's Cleveland, gotta do a rock and roll thing lol". There's a wide-open niche just ripe for the taking on that, even putting aside Cleveland's long history with the rhythm and blues genre.


Plus, then we get Reds vs. Blues and that's just amazing. 😛

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27 minutes ago, the admiral said:

I forgot there's no compromising with culture warriors, it's just take, take, take, take, take. They always get to win every single time because the wins are cheap.

It’s hardly cheap, given how long the protests have been going on and all the backlash needed to get rid of Wahoo. The name has a complicated history at best and had essentially nowhere to go once Wahoo bit the dust. No replacement would be met with anything short of derision from both the “culture warriors” and “anti-PC folk.” 

After getting rid of Wahoo, dumping the name was the only way for the club to move forward with their identity. The two had been intertwined so long, keeping the name without Wahoo around felt stopgap-ish. The Block C, for however good it is, feels like this:




You know something else was there, but it’s gone now. I’d also compare it to local commercial designs.

The team’s identity since 2011 has been a slow dismantling of their Wahoo-era designs, to the point where Wahoo was gone. They were a generic 


15 minutes ago, the admiral said:

Blues and Forest Citys are the only names worth considering because they precede Indians in the team's 100+year history. Spiders is atrocious. It's a bug. No one wants to be a bug.

Spiders are pretty darn cool animals, when you look into the science and their cultural significance. 

There are plenty of names that’d also work. Guardians, Forests, Commodores, Municipals, something that references Larry Doby or Bob Feller, etc. The name doesn’t have to predate Indians, since the history of the Cleveland club is about 75% garbage.


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Just now, SFGiants58 said:

Meanwhile, Marty is thinking about how he’s gonna confess to gross sexual acts in a few decades, but nobody will care because his brain resembles burnt fried rice.


Not to mention confessing to committing legit murder.

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Where as with Washington I think I’ll be happy with pretty much any name they go with (I’d even be fine with them remaining as the Football Team), for Cleveland it’s Spiders or bust for me.


Blues would be alright, if not a bit generic. Spiders is just such a cool and unique name, it’d be a shame if they didn’t go with it.

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Report: Cleveland Indians to Drop Name This Week

December 14, 2020 - 03:03 AM

According to a report Sunday night in the New York Times, the Cleveland Indians will be dropping their controversial name with an announcement to come as soon as Wednesday of this week. The report cites three sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity, one of which stated the club


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