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Cleveland Indians become the Cleveland Guardians


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Hah, I mean its a little pathetic.


Not a fan of Guardians as a name, and they look like they tried to keep the same "vibe" from the offensive current look. I'm all for keeping the colors, but they had to distance themselves from the offensive identity and it seemed like it was a bare-minimum type of change done.


Spiders would've been both new and classic, and (In my opinion) do a ton for marketing and merch.


Just my 2 cents.

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1 minute ago, ZapRowsdower8 said:

Well, it’s no Spiders, but it’s fine. I like the C cap logo.

The C feels a little cartoony to me, but it could be worse. I like the script and the block lettering. Gives me a little bit of the '70s wishbone era vibes.

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I rather like it, for trying to blend the old identity with the deco of the statues. The “cursive” script is pretty decent and I enjoy the new wordmark. The baseball logo looks very ‘50s and not in a good way, but I can live with it. “Rushed” sums a bit of it up.


Long Live the Guardians! 

While I’d prefer Spiders, it’s still a fantastic local name.

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I get why they kept the identity so similar: shifting to a new name after so long would produce a big backlash. New colors would’ve inspired potential fan revolt, so it makes sense that they played it safe. They might have overdone it, but there’s always room for fixes.

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Wish they would've gone with Spiders, but Guardians works well for them too. The new "C" mark is really nice and that G with wings is awesome as well. I'll give this a 7/10, but I'll wait until I see the uniforms too. 

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Just now, Titanium Eagle said:

Don't hate the name after I took the 14 seconds to Google the local context...but THAT is all they came up with for something as visually interesting as these?!



That's where I'm at.  There was so much that could've been done but instead they tried to microwave 10 different ideas together and ended up melting the tupperware.

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Kinda sad it's not the Spiders but I'm a lot more OK with the whole Guardians thing than I would've expected? That script is gorgeous, the new (presumed) cap logo is miles better than the "block C" as a standalone logo. The whole art deco thing/vibe is cool and it's well executed for a name that could've been really, really corny. As a fan, I'm generally a fan of this.


Oh, and they kept the colors. ;)

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I dig it. The typography and logos tie in nicely with the architecture of the "Guardians of Traffic" sculptures we saw in the video. The whole package has a retro vibe while still looking unmistakably modern. 

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The name is good. The logos are a start but need help. Jagged scripts are a cool idea but seems like only Milwaukee can do them right. That baseball/guardian wing logo is a first draft, needs a lot of workshopping. I like them keeping the historic color scheme, I like the Art Deco vibe, but I’m not sure those two things are a good fit? But that’s a small, unimportant complaint.


This franchise is no stranger to low-key brand tweaks on the fly so maybe they’ll get there a few years down the road.

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9 minutes ago, bbush24 said:

The logos feel...rushed




Let's break this down.


Guardians wordmark:

  • VERY reminiscent of the "Cleveland" signs around town, which is weird since they went another direction on the Cleveland wordmark
  • Obviously still similar to the Indians wordmark, but more angled and less bubbly; I would've preferred a more handwritten, classic feel

Baseball logo:

  • Is it implied that the other side is a C? What an odd little logo
  • I assume this will be on the sleeves? I hope they model the jerseys after the 40s set with the contrasting piping
  • I like using the elements from the statues without just using a profile of their face
  • Think they could've utilized the art deco much more effectively
  • The use of the baseball here feels almost minor-leaguey, but it's FUN which is better than the Block C managed


  • Worst part of the identity, and I've seen several better updates to the Block C
  • Inward bend is very cartoony, makes it seem like a logo from a TV show
  • Glad they added a stroke I guess?

Cleveland block:

  • Jazzed it up a bit but nothing special
  • Keeping with the script at home, block on the road motif; tradition is cool
  • Reminds me of the Cavs current mark, no lasting power because it's neither classic nor distinct enough

I'm fine with the name but because of its generic feel (to outsiders, obviously Clevelanders know the reference) they really needed to nail the branding and they clearly didn't. Kinda disappointed they didn't change colors but with this package I guess it's better to have continuity than a divisive color scheme on top of mediocre logos.

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