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Thrift Store Gems 2021

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22 hours ago, johnnysama said:

Been a while, but I got the 1997-2007 Washington Capitals black jersey for $15. :D

What a steal! I love the Caps’ branding from that era and would love a capitol building Ovechkin jersey. I know the team has embraced “Rock the Red” and all that, and if any team should use red and blue it should probably be the team in D.C., but with some modernization, the blue/bronze/black Caps could still look incredible today. 

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About a month ago, I rectified a glaring omission as far as my caps go: it'd been a while since the last time I bought a new Bucks cap.  So I got a new Bucks cap at Burlington.




Earlier today, I figured I'd take advantage of my work day's start being pushed from 9 to 11 am, and looked around Burlington for the hell of it.  Came across this...


...and decided I had to snap this up, even if it's a tighter fit than I'd like...


Original price: $165.  Got it for $30.  Granted, the Dortmund shirt would've been cheaper, but damn if this Portugal shirt isn't fly.

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