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help me understand color balance: new Avalanche pants (blue, burgundy, black, grey?)

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Alright I want a color "scientist" to explain something for me!  My question is related to the Avs old and new uniforms.


I grew up watching these older uniforms so maybe I'm biased, but I think they have good color balance.  The burgundy and blue never touch, and they always feel like a burgundy team with blue accents:


maybe the worst part is the lack of consistency for the trim (black on the dark jersey and grey on the white jersey)


Fast forward 20 years and the team has gone back to a similar jersey template and eliminated (mostly) black, going with blue equipment:


I think the new dark uniform looks ok, but the white uniform is really bad.  The white sweater could certainly be improved (change black numbers to blue and add the blue trim back) but my bigger complaint is the burgundy sweater next to the blue breezers.  I'm trying to figure out why I think it's ok for the blue breezers to adjoin burgundy socks, but not the burgundy sweater hem.  Why does that look so jarring on the white uniform; is it just that the white highlights this "clashing" effect?  Maybe on the dark uniform the absence of white makes the red to blue transition less abrupt?  There are teams who do red / blue sweater hems / breezers (Columbus, Montreal, Florida, Washington) and none look as jarring to me as the Avs.  Maybe just because I'm so used to it being black?  Or is it something about the contrast between those tones?


Comparing the two dark sweaters I'm pretty sure I prefer the black trim version more.  The grey version seems more ... washed out, dingy?  Is the white needed to delineate burgundy and blue better?


For kicks and giggles here are some different versions that totally eliminate black AND grey.  I doubled the thickness of the trim to try to keep blue and burgundy apart.  They also avoid the blue/burgundy transition at the waist:


For some reason those look cleaner to me - why?

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White is cleaner than Grey. That is to say the colors don’t bleed into one another whatsoever. And I agree with removing it along with back. I really like the concept on the far right. Though I must say I’d really miss those sock stripes (blue,grey,burgundy). Those are by far my favorite socks in the league.

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I agree that there's something not right about the Aves new look.

If they changed the numbers and name from black to blue on the white sweaters, those would look fine.

To me, the dark uniform is the biggest problem. The way the blue hem blends into the blue breezers makes it look, from a distance, like the sweaters are tucked into the breezers and the breezers are pulled way up.



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16 hours ago, _RH_ said:

@gimmick my issue with both of those is that the jersey hem and the breezers don't match, and for some reason it feels like the colors just don't work next to each other


@CreamSoda @SportI remember you posting about the Avs' new pants a few times; what do you think of the above post?


I honestly think the home sweater is perfect now.  The change to blue pants creates a nice balance of blue/burgundy/blue/burgundy.   


I think if you go blue blue mountains on the road, you need to keep the blue pants.  I would prefer the Avs become a mainly blue team with burgundy accents.  Right now they are trying to keep it 50/50 or close to that and its hard with those two colors.   

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