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Yellow jerseys in gridiron football

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15 hours ago, DNAsports said:

Kinda surprised we’ve made it this far without any mention of Oregon


I can't speak for everyone, but I'm trying to repress most of those memories.

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15 hours ago, 8BW14 said:

That’s the first uniform I thought of. I love it but I didn’t wanna be the guy to post “THE PAINTING”😬


I've lived a pretty full life, so I'm not afraid to go there. 😛

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Surprised that Baylor hasn't come up yet...

Big 12 Championship Bound Bears: Baylor Beats Texas 24-10 - Our Daily Bears


Maryland has dabbled a bit with yellow too:

Maryland uses big 4th quarter to overcome Indiana | IU | The Journal Gazette

Uniform Madness: No. 5 Maryland yellow jersey vs.No. 12 Virginia Tech  orange helmets



Southern Miss wore these eyesores:

The 25 ugliest uniforms in college football | RSN


Not a REAL team per say, but the Gotham Rogues from the Dark Knight Rises had some pretty slick yellow uniforms for the time:

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) - Gotham Rogues Uniform - Current price: £2250


App State has also toyed around with yellow too:

Appalachian State to play Wisconsin in 2020 season | Sports News |  journalnow.com


Oh, and take a look at this banger between Oregon and Colorado State:

Colorado State Football on Twitter: "With video, take a look back at the  1990 yellow-and-green vs. green-and-yellow Freedom Bowl win over Oregon!  https://t.co/lGJukiexJm… https://t.co/XX2Aofwh0w"


Yellow seems to be gaining a lot of popularity, particularly as an alternate. I like the color, although it can be too bold sometimes. It needs a significant amount of a darker color to look good.

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Wisconsin-Milwaukee had a football team that disbanded in the mid-70s.  They wore yellow for the last couple years of their existence.  I couldn't find a color copy online, but they have one of these on display at the Alumni House on campus.


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On 1/25/2021 at 11:21 AM, MJWalker45 said:

LSU's new Gold throwback jersey : LSUFootball

These were a one off they went with as well. 


The Team That Can Never Play a Color-vs.-Color Game | Uni Watch

Georgia Tech's mustard unis.




Nitpicky point: those jerseys (which incidentally are from my two alma maters) were actually GOLD, as in 'metallic gold' or 'old gold', a little darker than the newer faded 'Vegas gold', but not YELLOW (AKA 'athletic gold').

Some more:
Mizzou has worn these often in the last few years, with a variety of helmets and pants--

spacer.pngusa_today_13507936.jpg mizzou_new_uniform_1.jpg



Going a ways back, the New York Stars of the WFL. That's a fine look, IMHO.



The following year, when they became the Charlotte Hornets (after a short time at the end of the 1974 season as the Charlotte Stars), they kept the colors but reversed everything. Helmets and pants became yellow, and the jerseys became black. But they had this sweet white away jersey with yellow numbers outlined in black, also a bit unusual: 


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The Rams are the only team I really like in yellow jerseys in the NFL, but i have a lot of teams who I think look or would look good in college football:


East Carolina

Iowa State

West Virginia




Southern Miss

Kent State

Central Michigan



San Jose State




Appalachian State


I think they would all look good in a yellow alternate jersey, I don't really see any of them wearing yellow full time however (not like there's a designated home jersey or anything)

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On 2/6/2021 at 1:49 AM, CaliforniaGlowin said:

I'd like Southern U in yellow with powder blue numbers. Their basketball team has that.

Image result for southern jaguars football

They still need navy to make them easier to read, but looks good.

Image result for southern jaguars football

Swapping colors, white doesn't help with clarity like navy would.

Image result for southern jaguars football

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