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SportsLogos News - Redundancy Overkill


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Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, it's just been bugging me ever since the redesign and it's ironic that a site that focuses on logos and design in particular suffers from such poor design.


The news page of this site needs some serious rethinking. The format is broken up into various sections from a couple of carousels cycling through new articles, a ticker also displaying new articles, an listing of articles displaying the very same articles and a panel on bottom right of page listing, you guessed it, the same articles. This is overkill. To demonstrate my point, I've highlighted the same article in each section of the news page. There is no reason for viewers to have to look at the same headline 6 different times on one page. I get that there may not be a huge amount of sports logo-related news to fill up the page's current format but maybe that's a formatting issue. I'm not web designer but as a frequent on this site, it pains me to see such terrible design.



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