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2021 Atlanta United FC Home Kit Concepts


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I have 2 more kit concepts for Atlanta United FC. One is an updated version of a concept I did back in 2018 that combines the "5 Stripes" identity with the Golden Spike used in the club's branding and origin story. The other is a sash concept to change up the aesthetic a little bit, but still attempted to keep the look classic and clean.





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11 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

I'd probably widen the sash on the second kit to give it a bit more black. It's also either 4 or 3 stripes depending  on what color you choose as the stripes. 

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't want the sash to go past the shoulder line. To me that'd be too much, but it's very subjective. And as far as the number of stripes, the red in between the back count as stripes just like the inaugural kit and logo, so in those contexts it's 5 stripes.

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It's very heavy for me to get the five stripes, because if the back isn't striped, I don't feel the front is striped. For me, isn't a striped jersey, but a red jersey with black stripes or a black jersey with red stripes. Maybe thats because I'm used to this kind of striped jerseys:


 Damn FIFA ruined striped jerseys.

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