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Heavy's NCAA Workshop


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Oh hey it's something I figured I would do whilst doing the VS. NCAA series and that was.... what do I do about beyond the FCS? And what if I wanted to cover teams that used to exist or don't even exist entirely... this is what this thread is about, I figured I would start things off... with a team that doesn't exist or more specific a team that belongs to @JCRGraphix's Super Series... presenting:






Why the Cottontails you may ask? Mostly because of what seemed to be a team that has embraced the Pink but when I look into the logo and the design, I discovered that the pink is actually a crimson specifically 220,20,60 in the RGB count... their history is the same as it was in the Super Series but with more tragic undertones but significant in the location... a team that is either primed for a Group 5 conference or does well as an Independent team... no one would clearly know but I haven't got any other plans to do another team from the Super Series... from here on out, I'll be focused on teams that bit the dust.

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Let's begin the first of the defunt schools that have dropped football.. and we're gonna head to San Francisco where the Dons used to play football, in fact this year marks the 70th year where the Dons team of 51 turned down a college bowl appearance in support of two of their black players which would eventually became the building blocks of the civil rights movement... if they existed today this lot will be....




If the Dons had come back in say the 80's then they would follow the 49ers in appearance... even through the 90's, the 00's and the 10's before they too reverted to the classic niner esc look... traditions matter the most in USF and in USF there is one tradition they follow...




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Next up in this hypothetical what if scenario where defunt teams would continue today... we have a side that was a FCS Independent and if they had continued then they would be an Independent to this day or join a western FCS conference like say Big Sky.... this lot are the





Now then... explaining the side panels because some people will get confused... note the name of the Gaels... they are short for Gaelics which are close to Irish people and Scottish people, the logo on the arm represents Scotland's coat of arms and that would just be the major change on this logo.... oh and the move to Red as a alt.

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Before I post the next school program that used to have football on here, I would like to state the following:

  • This was a blind effort as normally concepts like this school doesn't exist
  • The following follows their basketball looks and although it may look barebones, it works for the program
  • I envision what this school would do if they follow say the Alabama style to looks

With that said in mind... I would like to present a school that only has two colours in it's history, cardinal and white.




This will change if for some reason, they need a modern twist or something... despite them having a grey bronco in their logo, or if I should give them a Broncos mid 90's look.

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It has been a while I do apologise.. sometimes inspiration strikes you when you watch someone else's thread... in particular @kb105's thread "American Union of Interscholatic Athletics where he made a team that existed in Darlington, South Carolina that took on the colours of my homeland, Wales.

As a Welshman I felt that I would pay tribute and make the design a tad better.

So here's my take on the...






Wales and Adidas go well together, the Football (Soccer) team is sponsored by them so this being a Welsh based team, Adidas is the sponsor of choice.... I went to the source for my Welsh colours relying on traditional Vivid Crimson and Leek :censored:ing Green to go alongside the White and the Black.


  • kb105 went with a black helmet for his and I figured I go with three helmets, one for home, road and alt.
  • The design is based off the Gamecocks that I did but I didn't go nuts
  • The helmet design is where this shines as I see this team actually being sponsored by the Welsh Government allowing them to pridely display the Welsh Dragon on the White and Green helmets whilst having a white dragon on the Red Helmet
  • I don't know where this team would of terms of actual leagues but close rivals would probably be the South Carolina Gamecocks and if they hold a grudge, Alabama Crimson Tide.


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ALSO I've just discovered something about the Santa Clara Broncos....

They were literal 49ers rip offs!

Gold Helmets, Gold Pants, Santa Clara Red, Stripe down said pants.... and here I thought the Dons would be the ones to benefit from looking like the Niners.

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Time for an update to this thread.... and I think @JCRGraphix ought to be proud of me for this one... for I have taken on myself to turn one of the best teams of his thread into a working concept of my own.

Patriotic Colours? Check

Theme song by AC/DC? Check ((Vibes of Virginia Tech))
Heart of Michigan? Check
Rivals of Wolverines and Spartans? Check
Haters of Anti-Fascists and Far Left movement? Double Check

I present a team that gives NO :censored:s.

The University of Detroit's very own...





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