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Super Bowl LVI Logo Concept


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Another Super Bowl is in the books.  Congrats to Tom Brady on his 7th Super Bowl ring, now the question is can he repeat in LA next year for Super Bowl LVI?  The NFL has continued to go with a templated logo for next year's big game, though there is more color and other pluses, so I guess it's a step in the right direction. 


In any case, I've continued with my tradition of making a Super Bowl logo of my own for next year.  Below is my design for Super Bowl LVI: since the game is in Los Angeles and since it's the first game in the Los Angeles area since Super Bowl XXVII, I decided to do a Hollywood/movie theme to make the Super Bowl seem like a grand premier event.  I originally had a little more details in certain parts, specifically on the palm trees, but I felt that sometimes less is more for the eye.  Let me know what you think!







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I love the idea! The logo looks awesome! I guess my only nitpick is it makes me think more of Miami than Los Angeles, mostly because of all the Miami vice stuff that has come out in the last few years. I agree, I think adding some blue and yellow for the Rams/Chargers would make this logo even better!

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Love it brother......just love it ...Love the Hollywood theatre look and the half football underneath....


We truly miss the theme base concept of the branding of the super bowl....The primary logo with the trophy removed... the iconic Vince Lombardi trophy should be separated



The big game should be a annual cultural extravaganza celebration


They NFL needs to reemphasize the event as everything (and the game) 


I  dont mind the trophy as a secondary logo or a 2nd and 3rd alt logo but the league needs to rid the trophy from the primary logo

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