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CPL Concept kits & Logo Tweaks (2/8)


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 Hello, I have recently started a project on redesigning the Canadian Premier League as I'm familiar to it! I will warn you that I am new to designing logos, and they wont be amazing. I will start off in alphabetical order, so I present to you:


Atlético Ottawa




I've redesigned the logo so that Atlético Ottawa have more of their own identity, but still fits Atletico Madrid's identity. It features the Atlético Madrid shield shape instead of the new Ottawa one. I added the Canadian flag so it looks less American. Pretty funny how Ottawa (Canada's capital city) has the most American looking logo! Please let me know how you think! 


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Alright, there was no replies but that's perfectly fine. Next I have the Cavalry, based out of Calgary. I have pretty much redesigned their logo. In the Alberta flag, there is an English flag, so I added that in the new rocky mountain design I added into the crest. I also changed the shape of the crest into a shield as they're called the "Cavalry". In the logo and home kit, there are darker shaded corners, and those represent a shield used in battle. For the away kit, I don't really have much of an explanation. I just thought it looked cool. (I forgot to say that all the kits are made with a Nike template!) 


Calgary Cavalry FC



Tell me what you think! I'm just trying to improve. 

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I like both concepts. The only thing I'd suggest is to adjust the spacing on the Cavalry crest. The cross and mountains seem a little squished in the middle. I'd maybe remove the cross altogether? See how it looks.


I'd also love to see you dig into the city's history for the away (and home) kits. These cities have some rich history with sport and I'm sure there's a plethora of options you could try out. While I like the black for Ottawa and camo for Calgary...I feel like there's something there that could be harnessed.


Never be afraid to go crazy with one and try stuff out! If it works, great! If it doesn't, back to drawing board for a readjustment. I can tell you have a good eye for crests, so let your imagination run and see what happens.

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