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NWSL Kits 2021

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The art direction is spot on. The name, the colors, the art-deco vibes, the typography; it's all really nice and perfectly fits the team, ownership and location. 


With all that being said, I think this logo is average at best.



That's a rookie-level design mistake.  Additionally:

  • Shoehorning in the "hawk-tail"  element does more to visually confuse the design then to add anything of real substance. ("Do angels have bird butts?"
  • The curves in the cuts of the wings are sloppy and are randomly distributed. Look at the cuts in the tail: the top two "feathers" are small with rounded curves on the underside. That is followed by a thick "feather" with a half-rounded under-curve and a heavy cut,  and that is followed by a smaller "feather" with a square curve and a lighter cut.  None of the angles of the cuts are aligned, consistent, or follow any sort of planned pattern or logic. 

The sharp, pointed curves of the "palm-wings" doesn't really match traditional art deco stylings (straight lines and curved edges). Take something like the NAIAS logo (which has some really similar to aspects to the ACFC angel) and how the perfectly horizontal lines naturally fit the LA art deco motif in a way that the more aggressive cuts do not:spacer.pngspacer.png




I'm probably being harsh here, because when viewed in it's entirety, I do like the branding. 


However, because we've known the name for so long and the typeface created by Matt Wolff was already in place and the art deco direction was clear.  From a designer's standpoint, you can't ask for anything more: the table was set, bases loaded with a 3-0 count and a green light... and they hit a weak fly ball just deep enough to score the run. 


Ultimately, I think it's a good example how important art direction is. My guess is that the things in this brand that resonate with people the most isn't the design itself, but rather the club name, the colors, the idea of an art deco angel,  and the general vibes the identity gives off.  Hats off to the decision makers here, they definitely picked the right target to aim for... I just wish the designer had done a little more with the ingredients that were at their disposal. 

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Instead of a double post, I'll just point out that adding tail feathers technically makes this a harpy, which can be considered a demon and very much not an angel.





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Wow, the wordsmiths at their marketing/branding company but every bit of BS into their description of the new logo as they could.  Can't someone just release a logo and not tell us why every detail is an homage to the history of the sport or the great people of the city?   Just once (and I know Forward Madison did this) I want to see a new logo and have all that BS noted as BS. 


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