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NHL redesign-Complete 32/32


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6 hours ago, darkpiranha said:


I think you've let the comments get into your head a little bit.  The original TB set you had felt like it was YOUR vision and your style.  Your style isn't beholden to tradition. It's bold and takes big swings, and that's what I love about this series so far.   I liked what you had originally ten times better than this.  Your Tampa Bay wasn't my favorite of your designs, but it still felt like part of your unique take on the league.  So go back to exploring what YOU think is interesting about TB's branding and do with it what inspires you.  

Thanks man I appreciate that. I do like my original design as well, but I wanted to try out some of the advice that people were giving. One of my favorite things about this platform is how supportive and cooperative it is. So I wanted to keep that going and feel like people who take their time out and comment and give feedback like I am listening because I am. I really appreciate your comments!

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4 hours ago, Silence of the Rams said:

Um.. a little inadvertent/unintentional problem. On the ice it would look like the Leafs are a bit *excited* to play hockey in Toronto. Unless it's a tribute to Harold Ballard?

Meh, if the Leafs ended up looking goofy on ice the Bruins fan in me would be happy JK. It was unintentional, but I see what you're saying

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