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CLEVELAND ASG 2022 - Updated Wordmark and 3 New Colour Options!


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Hello there.


The 2022 NBA All-Star Game is set to be held in Cleveland and it got my creative gears flowing.


I'm a big fan of NBA All-Star Games honouring the host cities (I actually liked this year's Pacer-inspired ones more than the average person probably did). The Cavs have a ton of uniform history that provide a ton of options for the NBA to draw from. Here's what I did.




I went with Lebron's secont stint for the colour scheme for the dark uniform. I feel like it looks the sharpest and represents one of the best eras in Cavalier basketball. The wine and navy blue go together so well with the gold.


The light uniform is drawn from the 2018-19 City Uniforms, which is inspired by the 1994-97 white uniforms. It contrasts nicely with the dark uniform and honours two famous eras of the franchise.




I actually really like the "star" logo that that was released. It's sharp, recognizable, and honours the city at the same time.


The script logos/wordmarks were a ton of fun to make. I used the plume design from these notable uniforms...and combined it with a retro All-Star script I created from the font called "Anhatten." I was pretty happy with the result.


The font on the back is from these uniforms.






The design inspiration is fairly obvious. One of the most recognizable sash/wave/swipe designs ever produced on a basketball jersey. I love them and I'd be overjoyed to see them come back for something such as an All-Star Game.




The dark uniform uses the classic wine/navy/gold colour combo.




The light uniform has the retro colours with the same shade of navy as the dark uniform.




Let me know what you guys think! C&C much appreciated!


If the feedback is positive to this concept, I may go ahead and draw up some concepts for 2023 Salt Lake City and 2024 Indianapolis.

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5 hours ago, jaytavo305 said:

Very well put together and executed concept! Love all the little tributes to various Cavs uniforms, the end result is really great. Nice work


Thank you! I really appreciate that!


1 hour ago, NormMacdonald said:

It kind of looks like "Au Star" to me. Is there any way to keep the feel but change how the Ls connect?


How does this look?




28 minutes ago, jbird669 said:

I'm liking this concept!


I appreciate it!


Here's some colour variants from the different eras!


1970s - Maroon and gold!






1980s! Royal blue and orange! I love the way it came out but the colours aren't really Cavalier-ish to me. Maybe you guys will see it differently than I do.






1990s! As suggested by @Will94...






Let me know what you think! I love the feedback I've gotten!


I'll be doing some 2023 Salt Lake City ones soon ;)

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