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2021-2022 International Club Soccer Kits


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Yeah I still have no idea what colour the trim on the LFC home kit is supposed to be. 

Here’s another promo for it from standard chartered’s Twitter where the trim is much more red.


That is definitely “bright crimson” and far from coral or orange.

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Spurs’ new shirt is out:



I like it.  Yes, it’s simple.  But in person there’s plenty of texture and paneling to make it not look like a T-shirt, and from distance it’s a bold, clean blast of their colors. 

The only downside is that the lack of panels, piping, and trim means that the sponsor logo stands out more.  Really wonder why they let the sponsor go outside the team palette.  

Shame that Kane is modeling the best Spurs shirt he’ll never wear. 

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2 hours ago, officeglenn said:


Southampton home. Apparently there are augmented reality elements integrated into the kit, though the club are short on details. https://www.southamptonfc.com/kit

Didn't the NBA talk about doing something like that?

How The NBA Is Using Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality To Get Fans Closer To The Action (forbes.com)

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Madrid nailed that kit. "Fly better" is a bit weird but I'm not going to argue about what specifically the sponsor puts, it's at least in team colors.


As for my Spurs, This is my favorite kit of theirs in a long time. Simple is effective. The texture to it makes it look sweet up close, but clean from afar. Wish the AIA was the same blue, that's my only gripe, but they did a great job with it. A blue stripe on the collar or sleeves would be a nice addition if anything, but I'd always rather the plain versus anything over complex.


Upset at the comments about Kane leaving, let me try to continue to enjoy the career-to-date Spurs player. The transfer paycheck would be nice but this team needs him if they want to not be mid-table!

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