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Random soccer concepts by MCrosby - Leeds 4/27/22


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8 hours ago, mcrosby said:

Again, appreciate the comments, especially from someone as talented as yourself. I considered adding more color to the kit but Leeds are known for their clean white kits so I opted not to. Maybe I'll try something else as well. What did you think of the other kit on Behance?

Sorry to be unclear; I wasn't proposing more color on the white kit (though I think I'd prefer navy trim rather than teal, maybe with bronze/gold ads) but rather on the Behance away kit. The design is really nice as-is and it reminds me of the Earthquakes in a good way! I'd just shift the ad's box down a bit so its horizontal edges meet the points of chevrons...


8 hours ago, mcrosby said:

I tried the Brewers Motre Bame colors but it gets pretty muddy and replacing the gold with yellow didn't really jive for me. I did put an original color version over on Behance.

Yeah the IRL Motre Bame shades are a bit low-contrast, but I think a less purplish navy + a bright green + a browner gold could work... The royal+yellow version doesn't read properly to me, so that is out... I guess mostly I'd just rather see metallic gold rather than a bronze.


8 hours ago, mcrosby said:

I also tried a shield shape but the feather is quickly lost to that and for some reason the tear-drop shape didn't sit well with me either. I honestly think the stand-alone feather/LUFC is probably the look I'll stick with. 

Fair enough on the containers. Though it's probably more important when it's in a roundel, I agree with @TheGiantsFan's response on Twitter that curving the chevrons a bit might make it feel a bit more feather-y and consistent either way.


8 hours ago, mcrosby said:

I agree with your Sutton and Argyle thoughts as well.  Here's a look at a full Sutton crest, but I've added a nice parrot green.  I generally hate gradients but thought this was fun. 

Not sure I vibe with the gradient here, but the wing looks better!

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