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Florida Soccer Association (Championship: Keys United 6/20)


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“The Red Snappers”


Founded: 1905

PL Championships: 0
Last Season Finish: 2nd in League 3

Kits By: Puma
Sponsor: University of West Florida

Derbies: Panama City, Ybor City

Colors: Red and Sky Blue


One of the founding members of Florida Soccer, Sporting Pensacola are the only one to never win a championship. They have traditionally been a mainstay in the Premier League, with their recent seasons being played in the lower divisions. I felt like there were too many blue and green teams, so I opted for red and sky blue to represent the high red snapper population and Pensacola's presence as a gulf-side city. The away kit is inspired by the region's nickname of the Emerald Coast, and the third mimics the uniforms for the Blue Angels pilots, who are based in Pensacola. 



Here's the old design for reference:




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  • soflo_sports changed the title to Florida Soccer Association (Championship: Sporting Pensacola 4/20)

“The Pythons”

Founded: 1970

PL Championships: 0

Last Season Finish: 16

Kits By: Macron

Sponsor: Broward Health

Derbies: Glades, Weston

Colors: Blue and Green


One of the most successful of the recently added clubs, Springs United was created in the early stages of its city's existence. The club experienced success early on with the population boom in West Broward County in the 70s and 80s. The club solidified itself as a Championship mainstay quickly, as well as a strong performer in the domestic cup tournament. The club's nickname comes from the many wild pythons in the Florida Everglades, where Coral Springs sits on the edge of.  The club's traditional look is a light blue and dark green striped home shirt with a white away strip. 




Here's the old design for reference:




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  • soflo_sports changed the title to Florida Soccer Association (Championship: Springs United 5/20)

Don't know about the geography of Miami neighborhoods and such, but I think your Brickell logo has by far the best of your palm trees (and might be my favorite logo of yours yet). So just aesthetically I'd rather see one of the other teams get the Cuban-inspired design; probably Atlético. I like the gradient chevrons at home; would make a good Orlando City jersey IRL.


Totally agree with @rotta, that Nautica third is really cool. The home is also quite nice and fits the vibe very well. I like the crossed oars logo but that banner is kinda awkward... I'd be curious if the oars could handle an interlocking N instead?


That Pensacola away is one of the classier jerseys of the series. Beautiful. Home colors are nice too; the back number could use a bigger outline, though.


Coral Springs is a big upgrade from what you had before, but the pieces of the crest don't quite fit together IMO. The oval is a bit too tall, the font arc effect feels a bit out of place, and the ball's rotated angle and thick outlines don't look right with the thin-outlined snakes. I'd use a straight-on angle ball, and thicker outlines on the snakes.

The jerseys are excellent though, no changes needed.

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“The Anchors”


Founded: 1925

PL Championships: 0

Last Season Finish: 3rd in League 3

Kits By: Nike

Sponsor: Ion Media

Derbies: Marathon, Homestead

Colors: Sky Blue and White


Sorry about the wait, been dealing with a lot. Today is my birthday though, so I feel in the giving spirit. I'm leaving on Monday for 2 months to a place with minimal Wi-Fi so I'll try my best to keep posting. Until then, I'll post as much as I can.


And with that we return with the first of the Keys' clubs, Keys United SC. KUSC was founded by local fishermen, many of who migrated south from Miami and Homestead. The team has experienced financial difficulties throughout its history, with their bankruptcy in 2007 the most recent. After being torn apart from top to bottom, The Anchors won the playoff to earn promotion back into the Championship. Their traditional home colors are all white, while two-toned blue is the away look. Since Key West is the southernmost city in the country, Keys United is the southernmost football club in the U.S. as well.


Here's the old design for reference:




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  • soflo_sports changed the title to Florida Soccer Association (Championship: Keys United 6/20)
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Hey there! First off, great series. It is so fantastic and I love the Daytona Racing Club the most. I have seen this template been used quite a few times and I have some ideas to create my own series. However, I don't know the best way of actually creating. I have some skill in Illustrator and I would like to use that but I do not know how to edit the patterns and colorways the most efficiently and would appreciate some quick tips.

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