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2021 Lower League US Soccer - USL Championship/1/2, NISA, NPSL, etc


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14 hours ago, TheGiantsFan said:

One Knoxville SC of the USL2 unveiled its logo today, as designed by Matt Wolff




Honestly, it looks more like the generic badges you would find through a simple Dribbble search than an actual soccer crest, but that's just me :/

I feel like it's a sign I'd see at a truck stop that's got an AM/PM inside.

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19 hours ago, TheGiantsFan said:

So, will Patagonia, Inc. be One Knoxville SC's jersey sponsor, or the club's kit manufacturer?

On a serious note, while I know that One is spelled out in the club's name, perhaps the stem of the K could have been rendered as a 1 so as to tie into the idea  of members of the Knoxville community coming together as one in support of the club.

In any event, this strikes me as being less of a soccer club badge and more of  a regional tourism board/chamber of commerce logo.


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San Francisco City FC has updated their badge for their 20th anniversary. 


Here’s the old:




and the new:



with the list of changes:



I think it’s still a little busy (I do wish they’d pick one local landmark rather than three), but still very much improved.   Less red is a huge upgrade, as is the font.  

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