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Nike Launches New MLB City Connect Uniform Series

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23 minutes ago, DEAD said:

I think that snake looks more like a cursive capital L.

It also kind of looks like a P.  Either way, S isn’t the first letter I’d think of if I didn’t know before hand.


Overall it’s not the worst we’ve seen yet, Boston will probably always take that crown. But it really isn’t good either. Not a single one of these jerseys has looked good so far, and that’s besides the unnecessary motive behind them.

The only one with a base design I think could actually work is the White Sox. But with the dumb Southside monicker, weird CHI cap logo, and unnecessary camo pattern, it takes what could be a good uniform, and turns it into a glorified fashion jersey. 

I know the on field modeling is the sole reason these exist, but was just creating dumb fashion jerseys not enough for Nike? That applies to both the NBA and MLB.

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1 hour ago, SFGiants58 said:


I like concept for the Español name and the snake costume idea, but the rest stinks big-time. What a missed opportunity, which fits for a team that wasted talent like Paul Goldschmidt.

Oh crap, I must be dyslexic. I read it wrong... I thought it read serpentes, without the 'i' . That would have meant the suborder for snakes. 

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I am thoroughly whelmed. Aside from the cursive S that’s about the blandest baseball uniform I’ve ever seen, right down to the primary color. 

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3 minutes ago, dont care said:

If it’s not the worst I don’t know what is. Serpientes? Really? This is a glorified Latin nights jersey

All this is is a glorified cream color jersey. Which is completely fine. There’s been worse.

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1 hour ago, dont care said:

Serpientes? Really? This is a glorified Latin nights jersey


I agree with this. The execution is just so lazy. At least for the Marlins they did some research and drew a connection with a historical Cuban baseball team.


This makes me fearful of what the Dodgers City Connect will be like.

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