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Cincinnati Bengals New Uniforms


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9 hours ago, flyersfan said:


Found these in a quick google search. I dont *love* everything about it, but it shows how the stripes can be done in a prominent way that's not ridiculous and overbearing.


Hoping they revert to a bengal head for a logo, the monogram B is just significantly inferior


I really like these. They look like what the 2004 uniform should have been, a modernized version of the 80s uniforms.

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4 hours ago, DNAsports said:

Is it really that bad of an idea for the Bengals to just make a black (and orange) uniform that replicate the white color rush design? This is pretty short notice in terms of telling fans when we should expect uniforms. It’s probably a New England situation where they just upgrade the CR and add (in this case) a color version.

Add orange to the stripes of the Color Rush, along with solid black socks, and make the pant stripes full-length. Maybe an orange outline on the solid block-font numbers. Make a black version and an orange version. Black socks with black and white jerseys, orange socks with orange ierseys - OR just black socks always. No need for black or orange pants. Straightforward and as clean as a tiger-stripe design can be. 

More than likely they’ll keep the curved pant stripe and black pants and wear terrible white socks with the white pants and black socks with the black pants. Even that would still be a lot better than what they’ve been wearing. Those CR jerseys were a breath of fresh air. 

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12 hours ago, Survival79 said:


"That said, sources have told SportsLogos.net that the Bengals iconic orange helmet, which features six black tiger stripes, will not change with the rebrand. It has been a major part of the franchise’s look since it was introduced by then-owner Paul Brown in 1981."

Not to be That Guy, but the helmet stripes were already tweaked once. I could see them tweaking again and still maintaining it's "the same."

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I've said it before, but my hope would be for a very clean and simple uniform - white numbers with simple orange piping around the collar and the sleeve cuffs... and no tiger stripes.


No tiger stripes, I know -- blasphemy! But hear me out. The problem with all of the Bengals uniforms since the 80s has been that the uniforms tried competing with the helmet for attention instead of simply letting the helmet be the centerpiece of the identity. 


Here are some examples of teams with helmets that are allowed to be the focal point and complimented by the uniform:








Now here's what happens when those same teams tried to have uniforms that competed with the helmet for the viewer's eye:







Granted - those are some ugly uniforms in their own right - but just take a moment as you scroll through those images and take note of where you find your eye being drawn. While the Bengals uniforms have mostly been better than the ones I shared above, they all fall on the busy side of the spectrum. If you have tiger stripes on the helmet AND on the jersey AND on the pants, there's simply too much going on. Even the stripe-less original helmet *pops* more than the striped version because it's not in competition with the rest of the uniform




The helmet is awesome enough on its own to be the crown jewel of the identity. Let it shine.





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Honestly, the basic idea behind the current set was always decent, but elements such as the numbers, side panels, pant striping, etc., were the things that always held it back. i'm glad to see they are moving on though, time has not been kind to the sets, especially as they have become as forgettable as the team itself.


There shouldn’t be that much to do to improve the look I would think. There is no possible way they screw this up right?

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