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Tom Brady Dislikes NFL’s New Number Rule

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And with this, the furry fandom's favorite Japanese baseball mascot makes her CCSLC debut (while discussing football numbering conventions, naturally).  All that's missing is the Fighters' lost Sonic girl mascot😆

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On 4/26/2021 at 6:59 PM, BBTV said:


It's been the case for as long as I've been alive (>40 yrs).   I'm not sure what a "weird number in the 50s" is - there's only 10 of them and none are weird (though 52 is kinda weird in some fonts.)  At some point they stopped being strict about someone being a designated "center" vs a "guard" or "tackle", and it just kinda became "OL = 50-79", though anecdotally when I was in middle school the coaches were very strict about the number rules, so even though I was a LB I had to wear 62 instead of my desired 58 because my offensive position (that I never actually played) was guard and not center.  I was like "you're never actually going to put me at guard so why does it matter?" 



I don't watch college football so it will be harder to get used to.  There's certain "legacy numbers" like 7 and 12 (among others) that only QBs should ever wear, and already there's some douchebag idiot position players taking them.  I pray any non QB, K, or P wearing a single digit tears his Achilles or ACL or something of equal consequence.  

Psychotic statement 

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I watch college football and I'm still not going to love this in the NFL.  It's one of the things that separates the two. Plus, in college, there are just so many players on the roster that strict adherence to NFL rules may not even work. So Kickers wear #98, DEs wear #8, DBs wear #4. They'll even have a starting safety wearing the same # as the starting QB. I kinda like that in college; it makes the roster look as malleable as it is.* (The only thing I don't like is the occasional QB in the 20s; it's rare but throws me every time).


*Though, NFL rosters probably turn over just as much (but fewer people total per season)

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