Some Plausible MLB Expansion Teams

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Great concepts! I especially liked the Novas. For Nashville I’m having hard time distinguishing the “N” when it’s navy-on-navy. Maybe lean into nick’s comment and make yellow primary? This may also just be my bias, as I’m not a fan of what the angels and Rays do in their alternate jerseys. Anyhoo, great work! 

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Great work Mike, one nit picky design thing from me - on the ring on the Novas" logo it feels like the lower "shadow" ring should connect up to the top pink ring. I think that'd help it feel a little more grounded on the light color BG's and would help with hypothetical embroidery. 


I'd also like to see you push the Beavers a bit more - I think it works better in the B than the P but It took me a few long hard looks to see the whiskers and the teeth!


But you're killing it as always love following along!

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