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New England Revolution Redesign


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The New England Revolution are the only original franchise in the MLS that haven't updated their logo since the league's first season in 1996. That logo, as anyone on this site knows is an absolute mess: Extremely outdated, over-designed, ill-suited to the sport, and not actually representative of the region.


I wanted to created a design that was the exact opposite of the real design. Instead, I went for a more subdued crest that's actually a crest, featuring symbols that representing New England and the revolution without resorting to the generic AMERICA!!! theme that haunts the current look.




Team Name & "1996": The top half of the inner roundel is formed by the team name using Averia Serif Libre font for a clean, but hand-written inspired look. The team's inaugural season, 1996,  is located under the pine tree, flanked by two stars.


16-Brick Inner Roundel: The bottom portion of the inner roundel consists of a path of 16 bricks representing the Freedom Trail, which winds through the streets of Boston, featuring stops at 16 landmarks vital to the American Revolution and forming of the nation.


Pine Tree: The Pine Tree is the unofficial symbol of the entire New England region, and has been featured on the unofficial flag of New England (which are waved at Revs matches by supporters), and the maritime flag of Massachusetts.




Primary Jersey: The Primary jersey is a generally basic navy blue with white and red accents. The Revolution currently wear a white jersey featuring tonal stonework, that feels pretty generic. I decided to take that same idea and implement the theme of the crest. I created a tonal pattern based upon the actual brick work of the freedom trail. This pattern is repeated down the shirt, creating a tonal hoops pattern. The shorts are white with two red stripes, and the socks feature the red/white cuff design as a series to hoops.


Clash Jersey: The Clash jersey truly lives up to its name and acts as a sort of middle finger to the MLS's white jersey obsession. This jersey has two main inspirations: Flamboyant 90s kit designs like Rene Higuita's and Arsenal's bruised bananas, and the trees of New England. In autumn, New England's combination of evergreens and non evergreens create a beautiful mosaic of red, yellow, orange, and green, and I tried to capture that feeling with a triangle fractal pattern with the four colors (the red is more of a red-orange tbh) randomized to create a chaotic, but evenly distributed pattern. The accents, shorts, and socks are brown, sticking to the tree theme. The jerseys also maintain the white numbers of the primary, but feature brown outlines for legibility.


NOTE: I am aware that Revs jersey sponsor is UHC. I couldn't find a vector I liked and preferred the thematic tie-in of Samuel Adams and the Revolution, so I went with that instead. I am also aware the MLS has an exclusive contract with adidas and a single font used by all teams. I didn't use either because I simply don't like the adidas stripes nor the MLS font. I also decided against the adidas branding and used my own in order to highlight my new soccer template (based on my volleyball template) which is cleaner and much easier to work with than my old template, and just looks better in my opinion.

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Really appreciate the Freedom Trail bricks in the crest! I think works really well to rep the region while still retaining some of that national imagery they were going for. The font works really well too.

My only complaint with the crest is the empty space between the text and the sides of the tree. Maybe it would work to put an inner circle outline behind the tree and an outline of the tree, sorta like what the shield does for the inner circle of Inter Miami's crest.


The home jersey looks quite nice with the brick pattern carried through. I'd suggest you use a tad more red though. Maybe a vertical stripe of red bricks, since it seemed like the Revs had a good look going with vertical stripes back in 2016. Love the socks!


The clash is definitely out there but the idea really works for New England! Not sure that it needs changes, but I've got a couple ideas to take or leave.

I'm pretty sure I'd like a version with bigger triangles. You *might* be able to ditch white altogether if you desaturated the yellow/green/red a bit, which might look even autumn-ier (or it might look weird, idk). Finally, you might try a version with just the tree in place of the crest.



Mostly just nitpicking here, really good work!

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