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Suddenly new fans of old teams..because of their logo(?)

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Anybody else on here "suddenly" become a new fan of an old team, or at least a team that existed but you didn't follow them because they had nothing to do with you?


So for example.  You move to a new city (for a job, perhaps?), and start learning about the teams in that area, and instantly become a fan of that team.  Or, as in my case, your favorite MLB team gets their minor leagues turned upside down, and you find out who all the new teams are, and are just "wowed"?


Well, that just happened to me.  With Minor league baseball starting up again, and MiLB getting thrown into upheaval, I recently found out the Augusta GreenJackets were the newest Atlanta Braves affiliate.  They have a killer logo, BTW.  Can't wait to get me some gear.


However, in the mean time, does anyone know of a link to a high-quality graphic (PNG or SVG) for their alternate A-wing logo that's at least 800 by 800 pixels??  I haven't been able to find any on the web. [MODERATOR: if this needs to go to the "Requests" forum, please move.  Thanks.]


BTW, side note - I have to say, I think from a branding standpoint, I really like what a lot of the minor league affiliates of the Braves had going for a while, with the Florida Fire Frogs (now extinct), Gwinnett Stripers, and now with the Augusta GreenJackets.  I'm in the group who thinks all minors teams don't necessarily need to share the names of the parent clubs (in the case of the Braves, maybe they should go with Rome Centurions, and Mississippi Deltas, if I were to be consistent.....)


Reference point:


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Back in 1987, I moved to Atlanta to attend graduate school at Georgia Tech.  In addition to becoming a life-long Yellow Jackets fan in all sports, being a follower of pro sports, I also became a fan/follower of both the Braves and the Hawks.  The LA Dodgers had been 'my' baseball team since I was a kid, but I switched to the Braves as they were now my hometown team.  Similar thing with basketball-- the Jazz were dead to me once they left New Orleans in 1979; I had a brief interest in following the Spurs when I went to Trinity University for my freshman year in college, but moving to Atlanta in 1987 at the height of Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Doc Rivers, Kevin Willis et als, they quickly became my team.

Being from New Orleans, there was NO WAY I was becoming a Falcons fan. I was content to go to the one Saints/Falcons game in Atlanta every year. 


I moved back to New Orleans in the early 1990s, but kept those Atlanta fandoms for awhile.  I quit following the Hawks when we got an NBA team back in New Orleans in 2002, but followed the Braves as 'my team' until they moved out to the 'burbs in Cobb County. 

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