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Minor/Independent/Collegiate League Baseball Logo/Uniform Changes


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Here are my passing thoughts:

* The team name is ASININE... even by Brandiose standards.

* I'm not a fan of the way in which the PRAIRIE DOG's head is emerging from the hole in a couple of the logos. I understand what the designers were going for, but the manner in which the edge of the hole was rendered does, indeed, make it look as though the PRAIRIE DOG's head has been torn. On the logo featuring the State of Texas, the PRAIRIE DOG looks as though it's partially submerged in a liquid.

* The fact that the PRAIRIE DOG is rendered in the same color as the cowboy boots it's wearing, as well as the grass seed it's chewing, bothers me. In my opinion, the boots would look better if they were white, powder blue, or red. As for the grass seed... I don't know what you'd color it, but I don't like it colored the same shade of yellow as the PRAIRIE DOG.

* I don't think that the four logos featuring solo depictions of the PRAIRIE DOG all need to feature the animal chewing on the grass seed. We get it - the PRAIRIE DOG is chock-full of "western grit" and a "John Wayne" attitude. Figure out another way to convey said West Texas character besides chewing on a grass seed.

* Between the Sod Poodles and Soddies word marks, the roundel, the "A" on the cowboy hats worn by the PRAIRIE DOGS, and the "A" that a solo PRAIRIE DOG is leaning on, it would appear that there are at least three - and maybe four - fonts at play in this suite of logos. The one on the roundel seems most out of place. I'd suggest losing one.

Did I mention that Sod Poodles is an ASININE team name? Just checking.  


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1 hour ago, LMU said:

Look at the bright side... Brandiose spared us from its overdone trope of "mascot swinging random object as if it was a bat."


What do you think the prairie dog buried in the ground is doing underground?


1 hour ago, KGeeX5 said:


It gets us talking about the team, if it were prairie dogs most wouldn't even open the thread. 



Shakespeare was wrong, we shouldn't kill the lawyers, we should kill the marketing majors.

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Roundel: The font feels really out of place compared to the rest of the set. It has a 1920s/Art Deco vibe that doesn't make sense for the logos or, to my knowledge, the city.


Full body mascot: He's got his hand up like he'd be reaching for guns, but there's nothing on his belt. Hand positioning combined with the pigeon toes makes it look like he's doing a little dance. 


Texas logo: Mascot looks like he's in water. The rendering in the roundel version is clearer because 2 of the prairie dogs are head and shoulders above the hole.


Sod Poodles: All three "o"s are exactly the same, which takes away from the feel of this being custom or hand-written. They don't have to be wildly different, but slight variety in the spurs or loops would make it better.


Mascot head: Same problem as the Texas logo.


Mascot-A: Probably the best of the set. Mascot looks the best, though the boots could be a different color from the body. I think point of the elbow should align with the top of the crossbar in the A. It's ever-so-slightly above it which could be annoying in some applications like embroidery. Just get rid of that tiny bit of white negative space between the elbow and top of the crossbar and it's just a little cleaner.

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I have family in Amarillo. I have been there many, many times. I have never heard of a prarie dog referred to as a "sod poodle," and none of my family or friends there have either.


Of the five nicknames that were thrown out in this Name The Team contest, Sod Poodles was a distant third on the list and only that high because Jerky and Boot Scooters were even more embarassing. It's a far cry to call this moniker passable, nevermind good. I get that MILB is moving towards branding where the more over the top it is, the better, and in some cases, they have hit a home run.. Yet, this debacle is far closer to Baby Cakes and Jumbo Shrimp on the "what the f, that's embarassing" than it is Iron Pigs, Yard Goats and Chiuhahas on the "so off the wall, it's actually really good" ones. 


As piss poor as the name is, a good package could have PERHAPS added a layer of polish on this turd. Nope.  Their primary (or the one I assume is their primary) looks like the damn thing has been decapitated, and adding the state of Texas to it in another logo doesn't help. The "cowboy prarie dog" (that I am assuming is supposed to be packing heat) instead looks like he just took the 72 ounce steak challenge at the Big Texan, and now is waiting in line to use the toilet, the circular one looks like three dudes standing in a circle at a Wham or Men At Work concert, and the A logo looks like Uncle Sal at the used car lot on the seediest corner of town.


A majority of those in Amarillo despised all these monikers, but especially crapped on the Sod Poodles one. Yet, they pushed it anyhow. Granted, I think the "we aren't going to any games now because of it" reaction a lot are throwing out is a bit of a stretch, but the majority are not pleased at being stuck with this name.

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Have you ever noticed that almost all of Brandoise's logos have a bit of a cookie-cutter design to them? Look specifically at the eyes and mouths of some of their logos (Jumbo Shrimp and Baby Cakes, BlueClaws and Shuckers), and tell me if you see similarities.


When they first introduced the Chihuahuas years ago, I thought it was awesome. But then they copied the design elements to other logos they made for teams and IMO, it lost it's appeal.

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