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Minor/Independent/Collegiate League Baseball Logo/Uniform Changes


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I'm sure which is crazier--the fact that I even know where & what Fremont is (W Dodge Rd to 28B link to 275, loop around the 30/275 concurrence to the junction @ 77 & you're on top of it--been through there way too many times)--or the fact that a summer collegiate team has a logo as genius as that secondary. Why not make that the primary? That F-cow itself makes for a great cap logo on a purple cap, with or without tawny-colored brim and squatchee. (Seriously, if their real hats turn out that way, I may have to order me one.)


As it is between the two marks, there's a real and present disconnect between the two in terms of art style and execution--as if they were designed by two different people/entities. As for the nickname, Moo, I don't mind it at all--I mean, this IS the greater metro Omaha area we're talking about here, which at one point held the largest stockyards in the country (talking about Union Stockyards here), overtaking Chicago back around 1955, until they got sold [out] to capital interests in New York in the early '70s (as things often go when companies look to deunionize/seek additional financing/cut costs/keep more $ to themselves). Shoot, even the city chamber of commerce declared the cattle industry "the lifeblood of Omaha's economy" way back to the late 1880s.
















(Don't ask me why I know or care about all that....😁)

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I don't have a problem with the name. They were shooting for unique and hit it. Cows would only pertain to female cattle, bulls - male, and steers (while most fitting for the cattle in the NE feedlots).... well.... no one wants their baseball team named after a castrated anything.

Some facts; NE was second only to TX for the most Cattle on Feed with 2,430,000 in DEC 2013. And that's just beef cattle in feedlots. - NE is 26th i the nation in dairy production which adds many more cattle. Overall cattle outnumber people 4-1 in NE with 6.64 million in (counted in JAN 2012).

The name will definitely make them stand out.

I do agree that the 2 logos feel a bit disjointed, but work just fine when compared to some others in the league.

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2 hours ago, Cosmic said:


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Hehe. 😄 Not... quite.


(I used to do a LOT of traveling back and forth into/through/out of NE back in the day. It's the only reason I know anything about "Nor'fork"...)

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Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

January 9, 2019 - 22:58 PM

The 2019 baseball season will be the last for the Triple-A New Orleans Baby Cakes, an affiliate of the Miami Marlins. The Baby Cakes (formerly the New Orleans Zephyrs, formerly the Denver Zephyrs, formerly the Denver Bears) will move to […]


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I submitted the Wichita Channel Cats.


The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas' fishing industry and about to be named the state fish...also, the team's the Marlins' affiliate, so it makes sense to keep the fish theme.


Of course, if Brandiose designs the logos, we could end up with a regular housecat swinging a universal TV remote control...

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I hope they get someone else to do their logos. It’s Brandoise's fault this is even happening. If the Zephyrs never rebranded, or at least not into something idiotic like "Baby Cakes," and alienating their entire fan base, they would’ve stayed in New Orleans, which was their home for over 25 years, might I add.

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  • officeglenn changed the title to Appalachian League 2021 Rebrands

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