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Minor/Independent/Collegiate League Baseball Logo/Uniform Changes


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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers wore a current brewers inspired jersey for today's game

That reminds me... took in a Timber Rattlers road game recently and they wore some TATC-looking alts.

Black jersey with T-Rats across the front above an enlarged snake head from their logo.

The back has no names. Instead, they have the TR from their logo over the right "wing."

All in gray. No maroon that I could make out. So nothing but black and gray on the jerseys.

Some of the strangest professional baseball jerseys I've seen recently.

EDIT: Some good pictures of them here: http://mwltraveler.com/2013/05/30/timber-rattlers-beat-snappers-9-5-in-early-game/

Looks like they had them in 2013 as well. The TR is harder to see than I remember.

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Biloxi, Mississippi's new minor league baseball team (the relocating Huntsville Stars of the Double A Southern League) has announced the finalists in its Name-The-Team contest:

Biloxi Beacon - A symbol of resilience, the “Biloxi Beacon” honors the Biloxi beach lighthouse, which has weathered nature’s mightiest storms since 1848. Beacon embodies Biloxi's can-do attitude, shared by Coastians throughout the region.

Biloxi Black Jacks - Combining the fun of Minor League Baseball with casino & seafood industries, the “Biloxi Black Jacks” pays homage to the “rare” black-colored gulf coast Jack fish.

Biloxi Mullets - A tribute to Biloxi bacon and the popular Biloxi fish, the “Biloxi Mullets” falls in line with the Lugnuts, Biscuits and other wacky names Minor League Baseball is known for.

Biloxi Schooners - The “Biloxi Schooners” celebrates the legendary Biloxi-built boats known for their speed and windward ability. This workhorse became a way of life for fishermen along the Mississippi Coast.

Biloxi Shrimpers - The Gulf Coast shrimp gave birth to Biloxi’s famous seafood industry in the 1920s and 1930s. The name “Biloxi Shrimpers” embodies Biloxi's reputation as the hub of the Gulf’s shrimping industry.

Biloxi Shuckers - The “Biloxi Shuckers” celebrates Biloxi’s legacy as the original “Seafood Capital of the World.” Raw, fried, steamed, or broiled -- shucking oysters has been synonymous with Biloxi for generations.


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